New Year, New Endurance

It’s time for January: a time of breathing in truth, soaking in the Simple Gospel and re-setting our hearts and schedules so that we can run from Day 1 into this new year with perseverance, keeping on the running track God has set for us, fixing our eyes on our Joy and Prize.

22 | Strength and Joy

The post today vitally reminds us to root ourselves in the joy of the Lord, with these roots we are so prepared for life! Scroll down and let this incredible truth sink in!

21 | Inseparable

The Lord has given us this incredible promise that we can never be far away from His protective love! Today, Isabel reminds us how we can know this as truth in our lives.

20 | Unfailing Love

This time of year can encourage unwelcome emotions relating to money or family; insecurities that for the rest of the year can be swept under the carpet. Today Amy helps us to re-discover why we are celebrating.. simply because of God's NEVER-FAILING love for us! I am seriously glad to again realise that I can stand with joy on such simplicity. Everything else is noise.

19 | Peace

Not only does Immy remind us that it's only 6 days until Christmas...!!! But that, "Jesus Christ gives us peace now, peace tomorrow… AND peace everlasting!" 

17 | Be Still

Today, Beatrice explores the incredible promise of Exodus 14:14, and reminds us of the eternal hope we have in our forever faithful Father. 

16 | Gift of Rest

Rest is something we all desperately need, but yet all too often we allow the business, excitements and stresses of life to take control. Lets stop, reflect, take that moment out of your busy schedule to reflect on what rest looks like for you as Libby reminds us how important it is!

15 | Refuge of Joy

As Christmas approaches, maybe there are storms in your life weighing you down and holding you back from feeling the joy you see around you. Today, Becky takes us through her experience of health trouble and the refuge she placed in God, reminding us of the true and unfailing joy He gives.

14 | Overcomer Joy

On this cold December day, what an incredible promise to be reminded of that Jesus has overcome the world, and is sovereign over all of it! Read on to find out what Emma has to say about how this truth affects our lives on a daily basis...