How To Approach GCSE Results

Just like last week's A Level results posts, this week we're rooting for all you girls preparing to receive GCSE results tomorrow morning! Our prayer is that you would be able to receive your results confident in your status as a child of God, regardless of what you achieve on paper. 

How To Approach A Level Results

It's a total joy to share these testimonies of results days past and present, to equip you as you prepare to receive your A Level results with a mindset rooted in biblical truths. We're praying that you would be reminded how great and good our God is, and that He has a plan for your life - whatever the letters on the page are tomorrow morning.

Loving Your Family During The Holidays

Over the summer, we often spend more time with our families than normal - especially if we're going away on holiday together, or have finished school or university for the year. Hatty writes on how we can be proactive in loving our families well, becoming daughters and sisters who are generous and gracious!