14 | Overcomer Joy

On this cold December day, what an incredible promise to be reminded of that Jesus has overcome the world, and is sovereign over all of it! Read on to find out what Emma has to say about how this truth affects our lives on a daily basis...

13 | Lean On His Joy

We're over half way through Advent! And what better reason to be joyful than resting in the knowledge that we can put our trust completely in our Saviour, knowing that he will make our paths straight.

11 | Joy In His Presence

As Christmas draws closer, Florrie reminds us that, "with the knowledge that God directs our path of life and hold eternal pleasures for those who trust in and honour him, we can have absolute joy in his presence." 

10 | With Us Always

What an encouragement Susie shares with us today, that, "Jesus promises to leave us with His abiding Presence, love and friendship; from that flows His gift of joy."

9 | Pure Joy

Whether you're feeling joyful, lonely, or excited this advent, actively choose to rejoice through your circumstances that, "the promise of life on earth with him and then life forever with him is a joy that is pure and a joy we can hold on to throughout every season." 

8 | Morning Joy

Today we are reminded of the wonderful truth that, purely due to God's compassionate and merciful character, "Joy will come, because God's favour lasts a lifetime." What a way to start your morning, choose to celebrate this today! 

7 | Seen and Known

We often find it difficult to carry on, constantly shoved down by the rejections that life throws our way. Scroll down and receive a thoughtful reminder on how can we be completely sure God does see what we face and cares deeply. MP Team xx

6 | Wings Like Eagles

How are you feeling today? Slightly weary? Scroll down and be reminded about the incredible promise of renewed strength for those who hope in the Lord. Rosie reminds us today that through everything we will be stronger with Jesus by our side, so read on and be encouraged! Love, MP team xx

5 | Joy Throughout Eternity

Today may be a dull Tuesday for you in early December with Christmas just a little too far in the distance. Don't go anywhere! Top yourself up with this post below, a fantastic reminder of where God has placed you in the whole course of history.  MP Team xx

4 | The Floodgates of Heaven

Today it's all about giving! Katrina challenges us all on sharing our blessings with others:
"This Christmas series is not just about the way that God blesses us but the way He and we can bless others." Love, MP team xx