Philippians 1: Love That Grows

The letter of Philippians is overflowing with first-hand wisdom and encouragement from Paul about how to live well, as followers of Jesus. This post explores the first chapter of Philippians, and how Paul's call to a holy and blameless life can be underpinned by three important loves.

Dealing with Divided Opinions

Disagreeing with our friends can be really tough. Whether it’s over politics or questions of theology, we can go from feeling like we’re totally on the same page, to a million miles apart in the blink of an eye. How can we deal with divided opinions, and be salt and light in the way that we deal with disagreements, big or small?

Why Vote?

It can be so easy to feel disillusioned with politics, but we absolutely love this post from Lucy as she shares why it's so important for us to engage in society and be a voice for the voiceless. No matter our age or location, let's be praying for the leaders of our world and using the voices we have for good in society.

We are Found: Manchester

This is our final post for the amazing We are Found series! We hope you've enjoyed getting to know the amazing girls on our city representatives team! Do get in touch if you'd like to find out about becoming a rep yourself. But for now, grab a cuppa and enjoy hearing about how God has worked wonders in Alice's life! xx

Faith Worked Out: Annabel Clarke

Enjoy our interview with Annabel, a Senior Specialised Educational Psychologist and the founder of the Engage Network which aims to equip and support individuals as they negotiate singleness, relationships, marriages and parenting.