Found By Grace: Heidi's story

Found By Grace: Heidi's story

Our post today comes from my dear cousin, Heidi. This lovely little lady hails from South Africa and you can read more about her at the end. In the coming year she will be getting baptised, so before she takes this public step, I asked her to share with us how God brought her to Him. Oh these tales of grace, each one so precious. - Hannie

Growing up in a Christian home, I've always known right from wrong; going to church was always a must, no question about it. But it took a few years before I started really understanding what that meant and applying it to my life.

I only started seriously thinking about Christianity and God for myself last year. My parents have always encouraged me to read my Bible and ask God to forgive me for my sins, but I thought that I might be missing out on life. So I just left it, and tried to avoid any sort of questions that had to do with God. I didn't like it when my family questioned me about when I was going to get baptised, or even Christianity in general. I always thought to myself, "I'll just become a Christian when I'm older that way I can have fun and still go to Heaven".

However, I realised that that was not possible. At my Grandmother's funeral I saw how much hope my parents and aunts and uncles had. How they knew they would see my Gran again. I started thinking about it, wondering if I would ever see my Gran again and I realised at that moment I wouldn't and suddenly just the thought of me dying without being saved was frightening. I realised that this wasn't something to be taken lightly. Jesus who was perfect, without sin, died on the cross for my sins and I was just saying, "oh I'll put Him off because I want to have fun".

What I realised is that there is no such thing as true happiness without Jesus. What He did for me on the cross was the most unimaginable thing I could think of.

The realisation of someone loving me so much that He could do that for a terrible sinner was mind blowing. I started asking questions and began to realise what a sinner I was. I started reading my Bible regularly and my eyes began to open. The verse Philippians 1:21: "To live Christ, to die is gain" started making sense to me, and I realised in order to gain in death, I would have to live for Christ.

I started to want to live like that, not because my parents told me to, but because God changed me. By the grace of God He changed me and I realised I was a child of His. I know it will not be easy and I will, and have, gone through trials. But going through them with God, and knowing I can pray to him at any moment, is something I am so thankful for that because we can do all things through Christ and He is there for us even at our worst. How could I have possibly not wanted that?

I truly believe that Jesus died to save sinners of whom I am the worst and I am truly so indebted and thankful to God for saving me.

Don't ever put Christ off. He is so much better than any fun or any distraction your friends have to offer.

Still, every time I think about Him dying for me, I am amazed and so grateful to Him. What a magnificent Saviour and how truly remarkable and thankful I am that He saves sinners like us. I am now getting baptised in the new year and I hope to live my life for Christ and to encourage others to turn to Him.

Because being a child of God is better than anything this world has to offer.



Heidi was born and raised in South Africa to missionary parents from England so had a thoroughly British upbringing whilst managing to make many trips back to England. Heidi has as such become quite the Anglophile. Heidi has been homeschooled her whole life and will now be entering her last year of school. She is a keen dancer, with a particular love for ballet. So keep your eye out for this shining star!

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