Faith Played Out: Who Am I?

Faith Played Out: Who Am I?

Romans 12:3 tells us not to do life in the way that the world does it. Instead, we should recognise that we are daughters of the King, and live freely knowing He delights in us. It's great to hear Hester's testimony today about how she has come to know this freedom both through the sporting gifts God has given her, and as a truth that underpins her whole identity. Enjoy! L x

Ever felt frightened of standing out, of being just that bit different to everybody else?

The truth is that by putting our faith in God, we are already different. We are called to live in a way that is distinctive, to our friends and family, and not be afraid to stand out for Him. Chatting to a lot of Christian girls about this topic, I know that many of you would agree.

But what if I told you that the opposite is the case... even in our churches? Too often I think we are trying to snugly fit ourselves into that ‘Christian mould’, becoming more and more like those around us, when God is crying out for us to become more and more like the women he created us to be.

The world and our secular culture is concerned only with outward appearances. We need to make sure as Christians we are not doing the same.

Looking back on my teenage years, I’ve realised that every time I went to church I became someone else - a ‘nice’ girl. Someone who definitely read her Bible every day (the whole way through, certainly never skipping Leviticus) and who found babies cute. Someone who didn’t swear on occasion and who just couldn’t wait to find that perfect boy to marry.

That isn’t me! It might be who you really are, and there is nothing wrong with these things in themselves. The terrifying danger of pretending to be someone else is that we eventually bring our faking to God. We believe that He, like our friends at church, is fooled by our pretence. And we become less and less certain that God really does love us, that He can look at us and be delighted. We feel fraudulent, because we are.

Now I’ve got a bit of a confession. At University this year I took up playing rugby, and it has been the second best thing I ever gave my life to. When I am on that pitch, there is no pretending. I am doing something that I love, and I feel alive.

The sad question is, why couldn’t I find that in church? Maybe it’s because tackling someone to the ground in church is not considered polite. More likely it’s because we as a people would rather be accepted than different, and we are not tackling (excuse the pun) the limitations we are putting on one another - because on the surface, everything looks just perfect.

God sees right through us, and yet he still accepts us.

Do you get it? He’s not fooled for one moment, and yet he thinks you’re pretty amazing. To die for, actually. I think that’s the best news I’ve ever heard.

So ladies, let’s ask ourselves: What makes me come alive? Whilst I wholeheartedly recommend women’s rugby, it could be anything, any interest. Never hold back for fear of what others might think when God pulls on your heart strings, because funnily enough he knows you best – the real you, the one He formed so beautifully and uniquely.

I have been inspired by so many passionate women in my life, those who live in confidence, not insecurity, who trust that God has made them and that they can never be put to shame. God has called us each personally by name, and isn’t afraid of who we are.

When people ask me who I am, I’m going to say “God’s”. That’s all that really matters.



Hester is supposed to be studying English at Durham University but in reality spends most of her time playing rugby, enjoying banter with friends, and eating as much potato as possible. She is currently working on having as much confidence in herself as her Heavenly Father does.

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