Christmas Must Be Something More

Christmas Must Be Something More

With the vast majority of the MP team being Tay fans, it was only a matter of time before she featured on the blog! And what better song to do it with?! Have a listen while you read, and take some time out to think about why we have an amazing cause to celebrate this Christmas!


For many of us, Taylor Swift’s songs inspire us to strive for romantic, fairy tale endings with that one guy who will sweep us off our feet. So when I sat in my home church a few years ago at a Carol Service and heard her song “Christmas Must Be Something More”, I was filled with such excitement as Taylor sung of a far greater happy ending – our love story with Christ and how He came as a baby to undergo the ultimate victory of conquering death in order to set us free.

The beautiful song essentially speaks of how Christmas has become so commercialised that we forget that there must be something more to all the celebrations. We get swept up in belting out Mariah and decorating our homes with tinsel and fairy lights - but Taylor reminds us of the unique and special truths that lie behind the façade of the Christmas hype; a truth that lasts eternally longer than one day a year.

Picking out a few of the most striking lyrics it feels like we need to pray that this Christmas, like every one, will be Christ-centred and to pray for that ‘wow’ moment where we are reminded that the most exciting gift of all at Christmas is the one that was given to us in a stable 2000 years ago.

“Something holy, not superficial.”

We are celebrating the most High and Mighty King’s Birthday; now THAT is a cause for celebration! Not only is it a birthday celebration but it is a reminder of how God sent his son as a baby to save our lives. Let’s live out this truth this year as we celebrate amongst friends and family!

“What if happiness came in a cardboard box?” “I think there is something we all forgot?”

Happiness definitely does not come in a neat, packaged parcel but it comes through the hope and through the joy that comes to knowing the Saviour of our World. If only world peace and justice were as easy delivered to us as an Amazon package – let’s pray for world peace and for the areas around the world that are in deep pain and conflict.

“We get so caught up in all of it, Business and relationships, Hundred mile an hour lives. And it's this time of year, And everybody's here.”

This Christmas my prayer is that we will get “caught up” in the true meaning of Christmas and we will fall deeper in love with the God who came to earth to show us how much He loves us.

Let’s create joyful memories with friends and family but ensure we are grounded in the knowledge that Christmas really is something MORE!




A second year Durham Theology student at St John’s College, Emma is passionate about combining her love for Jesus with her academic studies in Theology. Emma plays netball and hockey and is part of an A Cappella singing group ‘Barbieshop’. She loves hanging out with her friends in the many coffee shops around Durham, going to the beach and spending time in her beautiful hometown, Salisbury.

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