Let Not Your Love Grow Cold

Let Not Your Love Grow Cold


'Because of the increase of lawlessness, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.' Matthew 24:12-13

Loving others can seem a heavy, time-consuming, and an emotionally draining task at times. Whilst Jesus says that His church will be filled with the joy and love of Christ, he also tells us in Matthew 24:12-13 that because of corruption, the ‘love of many would grow cold.’

In other words, because other delights become our God, and things get unruly and chaotic, our love and patience can wear out; we can feel really tired!

Girls, let not our love for one another grow cold.

Let not our patience, kindness, and our love for others grow cold.

The surest way to do this is to not let your love for God grow cold, stagnant, or stale. The second we let our love for our Father grow cold and hard-hearted, so our love for friends and relationships begin to display a love different to the one God shows to us.

In the periods of frustration, doubt, or not trusting God, go deeper into His love, and root yourself in His word. Worship Him with your words, sing His praises, and declare His truths. Worship Him with your actions and loving your neighbour.

Recapturing our love for God enables us to love others in the same way.

Jesus says in Verse 13 that those who ‘endure’ through the hardships of life, trusting and believing in Him as our Lord, will not be left alone.

This is my prayer for us all; that through loving God we will be given the strength to endure to the end. That through making Him our hearts desire, we might show others that they too are loved unconditionally.




Hailing from London, Nadia is studying Theology in Durham at St Chad’s College, where she met Lucy as a fresher. Nadia has loved the opportunities that MP brings, including the chance to be involved in events and giving talks for the first time! She is always praying that girls would be changed and pointed to Jesus.

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