Rags To Riches: Do The Little Transformations Matter?

Rags To Riches: Do The Little Transformations Matter?

Sometimes the transformations are large, and other times they occur behind the scenes on a much smaller scale. Sometimes it's a simple reflection on our lives, and being humbled by God's Word. This post is a perfect reminder that being faithful in the small things is important too, and that any transformation through Christ however BIG or SMALL, is a joy shared in Heaven. Blessings for the upcoming week! Nadia x

What is a significant transformation?

What qualities does a testimony need to make it worthy of sharing on a Christian blog, with our fellow Christian friends, or even with the inquisitive non-Christian who asks us our story?

Does it need to be shocking or dramatic?

When we see our Almighty Creator working in others so powerfully and distinctively, it may be tempting for us to consider our own story, our own transformation in Christ somehow less worthy of testifying.

Yet, what I’ve come to realise over the past year and a half as my faith has grown is that God moves within us in more ways than we can humanly quantify; though he is Sovereign King over all nations he is also a graciously loving Father, upon whose palm I am personally engraved (Isaiah 49:16). ALL our stories are enormously significant, for in them God has moved majestically to transform us from within.

God is within her she will not fall. (Psalm 46:5)

Brought up regularly attending both church at home and school chapel services, my life appeared, at least from the outside, to align itself neatly with that of a Christian’s. My ‘Little-Miss-Perfect’ attitude to life, coupled with my confident oral affirmation of God’s existence meant I had little doubt that, if the two Biblical places of judgement- heaven and hell- did exist, I was certainly guaranteed a place in the former.

However, coming to university, that reassurance quickly dissipated as God placed three Christians in my path whose distinctive and infectious love for Jesus Christ quickly exposed the weak spiritual foundations upon which I built my life. The parable in Mathew (chapter 7) of the man who builds his house on sand, a favourite of mine at Sunday school, became more and more a powerful metaphor for my own life. Though I had always considered myself strong in faith I began to notice how my life was built on spiritually weak foundations; on the earthly treasures of academic success and personal achievement.

Far from the wise, faithful Christian who constructs his house on rock, my house was foolishly standing on a bed of sand.

I began to realise how a faith in this God was not just a golden ticket to be used on death’s door, but a genuine relationship with a Father who unconditionally cares for each one of his children. Actively seeking God in my life, reading His word, praying to Him and worshiping Him, He has revealed Himself to me in all His power and glory.

Over the past 18 months I have increasingly felt God’s intimacy for the first time in my life; no longer a distant and detached “concept” but a tangible and real presence in my heart.

Through defining myself in Christ, He is redefining every aspect of my life. Where once my eagerness to impress led me quickly to criticise others’ shortcomings and flaws, an inner peace and humbleness now holds me back from considering myself superior and instead allows me to praise God for blessing me with such loving and beautiful siblings, friends and family.

No longer do I look to earthly treasures for glory and satisfaction; it is with Him that my treasures are stored. Before I strove to do my best to elevate myself, now I strive to do the best I can in all I do to glorify His name. Exams and results, previous sources of personal satisfaction and glory, now hold less significance in my life compared to the joy and salvation I find in Jesus Christ.

My transformation in Christ started in the heart and continues to show itself in my life the more I explore God’s word and behold him as my Father, King, and Saviour.

The foundations upon which I build my life are now defined by my love for God. No longer just a password to a safe haven beyond death, a faith in God has a personal and real significance in my life in the now, in the living.

He is a Father for the present and not just for the life beyond this world.

I am constantly thankful for the changes the Lord has made and continues to make in my life. However subtle or simple they may appear, I know they are testimonies of a true and significant softening of my heart through His grace and everlasting love.




Originally from Devon, Hannah loves to explore the beautiful countryside of Dartmoor with her beautiful Labradors. She feels most at home there! However, she has been excited and overjoyed to embrace a new and exciting life at Durham, studying Spanish and Italian and surrounded by an encouraging Christian community. Hannah has a wonderful sense of humour and positive outlook on life, and enjoys representing her college in a variety of sports. She's also a keen 'tough mudder' athlete!

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