Anne Beauchamp: This Week I’m Reading…

Anne Beauchamp: This Week I’m Reading…

1. What Bible passage(s) are you currently reading/have read recently and found really encouraging?

In my Bible reading I have recently been doing part of Mark’s Gospel, and in my church House Group a few months ago we did Daniel, which was an amazing book to study.

In the beginning of Mark the King has come – He is the long-awaited Messiah – but He has also come to die. Chapter 1:1 begins with “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God”, so we see all that Jesus is doing when He comes to live as a human being and how His life begins to change people.

Daniel is hard work but very rewarding! It is not just ‘Daniel in the lion’s den’, but very relevant for today’s world. A good book to study with friends.

2. What’s been the one, key take-away message so far and how is it changing your day to day life and relationship with God?

In Mark’s Gospel the one key message for me is that Jesus came and lived among His people and even when things get really tough and the storm comes He is there for His disciples and He’s there for us too. It makes me realise that I must trust Jesus and not be afraid – all day and every day – and that my life is in Him, and that He went to the cross for me because of His great love.

In Daniel I learnt that Daniel never gave up trusting God – he always put God first and was always faithful. That is a challenge for me!

3. When, where and how do you read the Bible?

I prefer to read the Bible first thing in the morning, but out of bed, not in it! I go downstairs for peace and quiet (apart from my dog who occasionally joins me, but I have trained her to be quiet!)

I also read the Bible in a house group with members of my church which is very helpful. The whole church do the same studies and we have a sermon preached on each passage. I find it so important to be in a church where the Bible is taught faithfully and I am so thankful that I am encouraged to grow as a Christian week by week.

4. What helps you keep a good routine for reading the Bible, and what helps those habits stick?

I use the ‘Explore’ Bible Reading Notes, as they help me to be disciplined, rather than just dipping in anywhere with no plan. The notes follow a book of the Bible, breaking it up into (usually!) manageable sections for each day. I like the routine and discipline of spending time in God’s word.

5. What piece of advice would you give to girls who want to start reading the Bible for themselves, or get back into it?

If you want to start reading the Bible for yourself – excellent, go for it! It is a ‘habit’ you will never regret. You will be building your life on Jesus, our sure foundation, and having a relationship with Him, which helps in our daily life. Use Bible Reading Notes to help you read each day, if you find that helpful.

Of course, occasionally we will miss reading a passage and we must not feel guilty about that. But if it is what we aim for, we will find we have a deep desire to know Jesus and follow Him always. So if you haven’t started yet, I encourage you to get going, and if you started once but have dropped the habit, I would urge you to get back into it.



Anne lives in the beautiful seaside town of Eastbourne and is a mother to three grown-up children and a grandmother to ten grandchildren (including Lucy!). Before she retired, Anneworked as a nurse, housemistress in a school as well as a matron. Anne grew up in a Christian home, loves seeing her family and grandchildren come to know Jesus and thanks God so much for his wonderful love and kindness – all the glory goes to Him!

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