The Bold & The Brave | Caleb

The Bold & The Brave | Caleb

Taking an alternative turn this weekend with this beautifully poetic and sensitive reflection on Caleb's bravery and steadfast faith in God. We're so encouraged by Caleb's resolve to stay firmly planted in God's truth, never waiving in convictions. Grab a cuppa, soak in these words and have a read!

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Consider Caleb, of the tribe of Judah. Caleb was known as ‘wholehearted’ and a man with a ‘different spirit.’ His steadfast faith in God marked his life forever.

Alongside Joshua and others, he was assigned to scout out the promised land, described to be “flowing with milk and honey.” Confidence rested on his shoulders as a mantle, which was entrusted to him to steward and tend in the unseen. Imagine the beauty of Caleb’s inner communion with the Father. His life proved fruitful and his words quieted bitter murmurs of doubt, fear, and hopelessness. 

“We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.”

(Numbers 13:30)

Despite obvious affliction and unsettled hearts along the way,  Caleb remained steadfast and held to the promises that God gave in perfect covenant. He refused to settle for anything less than the abundance set before him. This was the heart of God for all of His people whom he so fiercely freed.

For the Israelites, the once bright burning flame of the hope of Immanuel, became a flicker of the past. Old mindsets began to settle in, even to the inconceivable extent of mourning the days of their oppression. As a result of forgotten words and disobedience, promises were swept about like waves. Seeds held tightly in hand were neglected to be sown. After forty years drawn out of their captivity and bondage to slavery, the memory of the Lord’s deliverance was lost.

In their anxiety and fretful hearts, the Israelites lost sight of the grand scheme and disregarded both the reports, and the tangible fruit of the land. The choice to reject or receive the long awaited promise was made. The consequence of their ‘already-defeated’ mentality was the loss of the possession of the promise land. 

Caleb remained firm in his wholeheartedness towards the One who had proved himself faithful time and time again throughout generations past.

He did not waiver in his convictions, nor tarry in truth. He knew who His God was and held a mandate to remain firmly planted in truth to call his people back into a place of remembrance and praise. Through obedience and love, Caleb was rewarded with the land as his own. He was marked by relentless hope in the promise.

He became known for his bravery to stand in truth in the midst of hate, misery, and even threats against his life.

“But my servant Caleb, because he has followed me fully,  I will bring into the land into which he went, and his descendants shall possess it.”
(Numbers 14:24)

The ability to be unshakable in the midst of frenzy, fear, and hopelessness requires a different spirit. Caleb held faith not only for his personal life, but for the lives around him.

We are called to hold fast and build altars of remembrance in our lives. Altars help us recall the defining moments and arrows of truth that God spoke straight to our heart. We find thanksgiving and grace as we return to these words. Here, we can begin to drive stakes in the ground that mark the moments of His faithfulness and kindness. Beauty unfolds as we choose to live from the place of inner confidence of what our eyes have seen and what our heart has heard.

In this inner oasis, we are able to fully fall into the abundance of the ‘promised land’ and receive the reward of faithfulness and trust. Springs of living water are found here. This land is flowing with milk and honey. Nourishing and sweet. Solid and golden. An inheritance waits as we bravely choose to go against the grain of culture and the sway of popular opinion. 

I believe it is no coincidence that Caleb and Joshua were the ones chosen to scout out the land. They were given foresight of what would be their inheritance alone, and were set apart from the rest of their people who chose a different lens for their situation. 

Against every kind of opposition, we have been given strength and steadfast love to remain aligned with the heart of God, and hold fast to His commitment of love over our lives. 

He has given us courage to believe the promise wholeheartedly. Courage to stand with faith that does not waver, toil, or spin. He is incredibly trustworthy.

So what would it look like to worship and thank God before the breakthrough- to praise Him in the face of unfulfilled prayer, full of extravagant hope and thanksgiving? 

Who is the one that will stand in remembrance that God is who He says He is? Faithful. Merciful. Gracious. Slow to anger. Abounding in loving-kindness.

I imagine

Steadfastness as a fresh, crisp air to the lungs

An expansion of capacity

Allowing the frame to stand up straight and tall

I imagine

Bravery as hot sweat on the brow

In the face of fiery risk

A golden heart

Not dipped to be coated

But refined from flame

I imagine

Wholeheartedness as an ever-expanding balloon

continually bursting

And filling again

With passion and zeal for life 

Perfect love filling empty caverns within.



Julia is an incredibly accomplished, wise and sweet young woman. She grew up in Canada before embarking on an adventure across the nations. She worked with YWAM England and Australia, before moving to Tauranga, New Zealand for four and a half years where she worked as an associate worship pastor and Director of Media. She's currently studying at ministry school in North California. Julia is a talented writer and poet, having written for Darling Magazine, and we're delighted to have her write for MP. For more of her wisdom and writing, check out her blog here. 

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