Be Sent Out

Be Sent Out

I'm super inspired by Emily's post today on being bold and courageous in being prepared to live for God in whatever today has in store for us. I hope you are too! Here's to seizing the day, wherever you are placed. Lucy x

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While they were worshipping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”

So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them, and sent them off.

(Acts 13:2-3)

Today is a brand new, beautiful, sparkling - probably rainy - day. God has placed a calling on your life specifically for this day – be it to honour someone by turning up to your lunch date on time, or to help someone answer their questions about life the universe and everything. Regardless, today is yours and the Lord’s.

We can often look to examples in the Bible of individuals who seized the day, full-on carpe diem style: Abraham, who moved to another land because he felt the prompting of the Lord; Esther, who stood against the persecution of the Jews. Yet, it’s easy to miss the key moment before the action: the preparation.

In Acts 13, God sends Barnabas and Saul to spread the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection, but the movement begins with a moment of stillness:they fasted”.

Fasting is an idea that often seems outdated, and quite honestly torturous, but the motivation is to take your attention away from worldly concerns, and to turn it completely to God. It could be that you put down your phone for half an hour, or you turn off the TV. Use those moments to find the peace of God, let Him give you energy, and give Him the space to speak.  

Next, “they prayed”.

They prayed because they understood that Christ lived in them and through them, so consequently, their voices had power. They prayed because they were confident that prayer is the catalyst to change. In Matthew 7 Jesus says “ask and it shall be given to you”, and the truth is that God has all these opportunities lined up for you, He’s just waiting for you to ask for them.

The following moment of preparation was this: “they placed their hands on them”. The early church were gathered together, and they showed their unity by placing hands on each other, reassuring Barnabas and Saul: we’re with you.

There’s a value in community that is undeniable.

In Genesis, God says “it is not good for man to be alone” - so who are you asking to stand with you today? Send a text to your Christian Union leader and ask them to be praying for you, or organise to meet with your friends and pray together. Today is yours for the taking, but it doesn’t have to be yours alone.

Finally, get out there and commit.

It’s tough and it’s scary to step out and show that your faith is in God, but you have prepared in a moment of stillness. You’ve got an all-powerful God on your side. As you put your faith in Him, know that He puts His power in you.


Emily has grown up in Cambridge and is in her second term studying Arabic at Oxford. She loves the freedom that comes from stepping out into God’s calling for her life, whatever that may look like, knowing there is no limit to the reach of His plans. She gets super excited by God’s infinite love and grace, as well as chocolate, puppies and exploring new cities.

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