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Faith Worked Out

Considering studying Theology, or going into further academic study? We're delighted to share with you this interview about the challenges and joys of academic study, as well as top tips on balancing work and rest.  Grab a coffee, and have a read!

Why Vote?

It can be so easy to feel disillusioned with politics, but we absolutely love this post from Lucy as she shares why it's so important for us to engage in society and be a voice for the voiceless. No matter our age or location, let's be praying for the leaders of our world and using the voices we have for good in society.

What To Expect From Freshers' Week

University - an opportunity for a new city, new friends, new challenges and new experiences. To help you prepare (and maybe ease some of your worries) a few of our ‘uni veterans’ share their Freshers' Week experiences and how keeping God at the centre helped them navigate their first few days.