invest in the next generation of more precious girls

more precious is growing, and we need your help.

We want to step boldly and bravely into the future, building a solid financial foundation to achieve our vision of building a generation of courageous Christian women. Will you join us?

since 2013, we have seen god so faithfully at work through more precious.

From Day One, our community of courageous girls and women has just continued to grow! From pioneering work on faith and mental health, life-changing testimonies, events across the UK, pushing boundaries with video and podcast content, partnerships with IJM and more, it has been a truly incredible journey.

And as we have grown, the demands on our resources have grown too. This leaves us figuring out how to keep growing More Precious in a wise and sustainable way.


We've had the privilege of working with hundreds of volunteers who have built More Precious into what it is today, and we are so grateful for the creativity, prayer, time and energy you have invested. Today, we're asking whether you would consider investing your finances too.

Whether you are at school, university, in the world of work or one of our loyal supporters already - we are excited to build a community of generous givers who feel called to invest into the next generation of God's girls - just like we do.

Every single act of generosity helps: no matter how big or small. So whether you are able to put aside £5, £25 or £100 per month - we believe that every sacrificial gift will be used greatly by God.

hear why OUR trustee jane BARRETT believes more precious provides a light in the darkness of digital media


We want to see God's work continue through More Precious. In 2019, now more than ever, we believe God is awakening women to be bolder in their faith. God's vision is our vision: we want to partner with Him in equipping this generation of women to be culture-changers who courageously live for Jesus.

Please be praying for us as we take this step of faith, giving thanks for God's past faithfulness and looking ahead to His future provision. We believe this is God's work, not ours, and we are prayerfully trusting in God to do what only He can do - we hope you can join us!

The More Precious Team x

P.S. In building a strong foundation for More Precious going forward - we want to be wise and transparent. So if you need more information, would like to speak to our team or Trustees, or have ideas about how we could fundraise creatively as a community, we'd love to hear from you.