Story and Vision

More Precious was launched in March 2013, with the vision of encouraging girls to be strong and distinctive in their Christian faith throughout their most formative years. We want to build up girls to place God at the heart of their decision-making and entrust Him with their fears and insecurities, their hopes and dreams.

We hope that by God's grace, More Precious might ENCOURAGE GIRLS TO:

  • Pursue Jesus wholeheartedly, in every sphere of their life
  • Grow in their Christian faith and allow them to learn and be inspired by the testimonies of others
  • React against the negative qualities and values that are promoted to girls by modern culture and society
  • Share stories of God’s transforming work through stories of real lives and hearts that have been changed

Testimonials & Recommendations

At last! In the morass of media crying out for our attention I am delighted to recommend More Precious, a website which provides food for the soul and for the spirit! Young women and girls, (young men and boys too) will find thoughtful contemporary content to challenge, encourage and inspire. - Bobbie Cheema, Q.C. 

More Precious is amazing for teenage girls like me who are trying to live for Jesus in a society that seems against them. It provides devotions each Monday which gives you that boost as you head into another challenging week. And the topic pieces are also so encouraging as they really apply to the difficulties Christians girls face today! - Katie, 15

The world around us isn't big on godliness - repentance, humility and service aren't exactly the heartbeat of our culture. Our churches, meanwhile, often aren't big on honesty and openness - admitting struggle, failure and regret isn't usually the heartbeat of church life. We put on our 'Sunday best' and pretend all is well. That's why More Precious matters. It tackles real life issues in a format that girls find accessible and really encourages them to put Jesus at the centre of the way way they do life. - Steve Midgley, Vicar of Christ Church Cambridge

I discovered More Precious after some of the team came in to speak at my college. From there I have found that the blog posts deal with topical issues for Christian girls in way that is hard to find elsewhere. The writers have an obvious passion for God and openly share their own struggles, joys and beliefs making their writing easy to respond to and apply to our own lives. - Sophie, 17