Below is a mixture of apps, websites, songs, music videos, skits… just a few of the ways we can find the dew of God’s blessing in the realm of technology and media! We hope you enjoy having a little explore of what’s out there, and please do ping us an email if you know of something others may also benefit from.



BeThinking has been such a useful tool for me in answering difficult questions about Christianity. It is a really manageable tool that someone at any stage of faith can benefit from. This website covers a massive range of topics, and you can find videos, audio clips and text that will seek to answer complex concepts of Christianity. I found this tool particularly useful when exploring Christianity, and used it regularly as a way of answering the many questions I had.

One video in particular was very useful, and that was one on the resurrection. This talk was from a University Events Week so was easily accessible to someone who didn’t have much background knowledge about Christianity, and it gave me a deeper understanding about the historical accuracy of the resurrection. I would thoroughly recommend the BeThinking website to anyone who has questions about Christianity, whether that be about science and faith, or who Jesus was, this website can provide clear answers.

Beth - Beeston Free Church, Nottingham



Lifehouse's 'Everything' Skit had a huge impact on me right from the very first time I watched it as a nervous, uncertain-about-life teenager and it still holds that impact for me now 12 years later. This skit played a part in helping me to feel more settled with my own faith at a time when I was a bit lost and confused.

To me, this skit beautifully explains something so powerful, so simply. The building music, the meaningful lyrics and the emotional acting combined filled my heart with a joyful peace as at first it showed me and ever since then has reminded me that no matter what, He loves us.

Katie - Christ Church Cambridge


clarity magazine

I first discovered Clarity two years ago and was immediately caught by their vision. It’s a physical magazine covering the same themes as Glamour, Cosmopolitan etc. but from a Christian perspective.
Each season they release a new edition ram-packed with great content; including the Grace Uncensored series (interviews that aren’t afraid to tackle the gritty side of life), and my personal favourite – Millie’s Kitchen. Part of the purpose of Clarity is to chat about how God fits into every part of our lives; be that the commute to work, make-up, careers, relationships, or health. I find reading Clarity Mag a joy and encouragement to my faith. I love taking my latest copy to a local coffee shop, settling down for a cuppa and a read. I’d recommend it for those of us aged between 18 and 30, who want to delve deeper into how God impacts all aspects of life. Especially the subjects that are often off limits! If you enjoy the MP content and style, then Clarity is for you.

“Faith is relevant today and it’s time to take back all that is for us, as young women, without fear.”
Editor’s letter, Issue 3

Amy - Highfield Church, Southampton


Watch this space - we’ll BE adding MANY more RESOURCES & REVIEWS IN THE COMING MONTHS! If you want to share A REVIEW OF YOUR OWN, click here.


Here you will find a number of articles, looking at some core bible truths. What/who is the Holy Spirit? How does the Trinity work? How do you become and stay a Christian? We will continue to add to this, and would love your recommendations for future articles.


Here is the place for you to explore your personal faith. How will you have an honest, personal relationship with Christ? Many many More Precious girls and women have shared how they spend time with God in bible study and prayer…what will it look like for you?


God made us to be people of community. You are not alone in your walk as a Christian, and this place is for you to find those who walk beside you. How do you choose a church? How should I serve in church? Should I be a missionary? Let’s think together.