Better Together: Cherished by Another

This week in #BetterTogether, we’re talking about dating. With Valentine’s coming up, it’s time to remind yourself that you are MORE than a relationship label or status. Let’s focus on what’s important: being cherised by Another.

Better Together: Known By Him

Mother Teresa once said: ‘I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot: together we can do great things’. God believes that we are Better Together, but what does this mean? What does this look like for the many different relationships we have? This new year Ruth is helping us approach relationships with a new perspective and how we can be better together! Love the MP Team x

Practices of Peace: Peace on Earth

Having received this message of true peace, we are called to share it – even when it’s costly. Wherever we are: whether we are spending time with those we don’t naturally click with, being patient with the family member who puts us down, getting used to the rhythms of holiday life rather than regular routine – the gospel of peace remains unchanged. It is open to all people.

Practices of Peace: Peace at Home

Proverbs 3:17 tells us that the paths of wisdom are peace. So if this Christmas you’re feeling like peace seems to belong on an exotic beach rather than the family sofa, what we need is wisdom. Let’s explore what ‘peace at home’ looks like this Christmas.