Blinded By The 'Likes'

On paper, we know our identity doesn't lie in social media. But when those red hearts pop up and the likes come in... we can start to find our validation there instead. Hatty talks us through how we can stay rooted in our TRUE identity!

A Part To Play

Maybe you feel unequipped, inadequate or unqualified... Well, Esther reminds us that, "God is not fazed by human convention- our notions of who is significant or capable, mean nothing to him."

"There is room for us all to join the justice-family: a family of free people, freeing people, just where they are."

A Matter of the Heart

Pharaoh's daughter made a simple choice not to look the other way, she allowed her heart to be moved. Esther challenges us to follow her lead.

"What does it look like for you, to engage with issues of modern-slavery and human trafficking on a heart-level? Will we allow injustice to become a matter of the heart?"