Never Too Young To Give God Your Best

Never Too Young To Give God Your Best

As I write this post way past midnight, having just traipsed home from the library after leaving a few too many things a little too late, I feel very under qualified to be writing a post encouraging you all to ‘give God your best’ – and even less so to start giving advice about how to prioritise! But perhaps this is actually a good way to introduce an issue so many of us struggle with:


Time. How to spend it, where to invest it, how to use it well. Whenever I ask friends how I can be praying for them, the words ‘time management’ will come quickly and inevitably. How can we possibly fit everything in? How do we know what to prioritise? Are we ‘doing life’ well?

I think deep down we so often know where the key to our ‘time management issue’ lies – but sometimes we just feel too busy to take time to honour the role of God as King in our lives.

An important question to ask is this: how do I make God the absolute priority in my life?

Even from just looking at my own diary sometimes, I know that I often struggle to honour God above my own frantic planning and organising. So, to try and honour God better - I've tried to assess what consumes my time and energy most to see what I am really living for.

This is where my Mumford-inspired motto makes an appearance: where you invest your love, you invest your life. This echoes (the slightly more reliable source!) Matthew 6:21:

"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". (MATTHEW 6:21)

I'd like to encourage you to really think about where your 'treasure' is. Is it in the set of grades you are proudly building up? In the perfect wardrobe? Your Instagram feed? Is it in your popularity or your lifestyle? Move away from building your treasure in the way you look or how well put-together you appear to the world. Build your treasures up in Heaven by allowing God full access to every area of your life. Take all your earthly treasures and surrender them up for His glory.

Ecclesiastes 5:20 speaks of wise, God-hoping people who: 

“seldom reflect on the days of their life, because God keeps them occupied with gladness of heart."

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be so fully ‘occupied’ with the goodness of God that we no longer have time to do all that panicked worrying about the little ups and downs of life? To be girls that have our eyes fixed on God’s plans for us rather than our own agendas? This is the joy that comes from giving our best to God - He can do so much more even with our worst than we could do with our 'best'.

I'd encourage you to make a start with this today. For how we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives. This sounds obvious, but it can also be slightly sobering if we look over the ways in which our days are really filled with. How do we want our lives to look?

Truly making God our King means recognising He is sovereign in every aspect of our lives; and this means faithfully committing our best to Him.

Surrendering over to Him our studies, our socialising, our conversations, our bad moods and our happiest times. It means lifting up our gifts and talents, our most prized possessions and our most treasured relationships and allowing God to  be King over all of these. Not just to allow Him to step in on important occasions or when we are worried, but to give Him full reign over all that we do.

So, approach every day and make it one where you live to bring glory to your King. 

Ask Him to mould you and to shape you, to use your talents and gifts to their greatest potential. Allow Him full access to the things closest to your heart. If you claim to be living by ‘faith’ – the way you approach every day should show this! Giving God our best means that we are recognising that glory belongs to Him and not to us. We don’t need to cling on to our own perceived strengths to define us: we are defined in Him.

And by surrendering up all our own little treasures: the pride in our achievements, talents, friendships, relationships, money and intelligence, we can tap into the life we are designed to live: a life that points to Jesus, the foundation upon which our identity can really be built. Take a look over your plans for this week and decide where you want to be investing your life. Start inviting God to be King over every area of your life.

We'll be praying that you learn to give Him your best and trust His sovereign plans above your own. We pray that you would be filled with His peace, that you would find joy in the knowledge of His faithfulness and that you would see His movements of grace working out in your life. Approach every day by giving God your best! Make Him your King. 

We'll leave you with an outtake from our photo shoot with the lovely and very giggly Lydia!

Written by Lucy

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