Permanent Sunshine

Permanent Sunshine

This is a post that we really like! It's interesting and beautiful (just like its author Alex!) and since reading it I have been reminded of God's permanence and sovereignty with every bit of sunshine I've seen (admittedly this sunshine has been rare, but let's keep hoping..) 

Alex's post is full of truth that is so very good for our souls on this Saturday morning, so read on and be reminded of all the promises that are made to you as a daughter of the King! _______________________________________________________________

A while ago, as my dad and I were driving to Sidcup, I noticed the sky. Sometimes, it just blows me away how beautiful the natural world can be. A sunset as it slides under the brow of a hill. The moon, a half opened eye in the midst of the inky blackness of night.  Truly'nature and revelation alike testify of God's love' (E.G.White, Steps to Christ). Anyway, I digress.

I noticed the sky.

Light was streaming through the misty haze of the clouds, forming tangible beams of effulgence. They stretched across the entire skyline, the glowing fingers of the creator fanned out in quivering sunshine. 'How does this happen?', I asked my dad, pestering him with questions. 'Why don't we usually see light show itself in this way?' 'Why is it that it is when it comes through the clouds that it looks so incredible?'

And then my dad said something beautiful.

"There is permanent sunshine above the clouds."

I confess, it wasn't really the scientific answer that I was searching for. In fact, I'm not even entirely sure it was even a response to my question at all! But it stayed with me, even more so than the revelatory nature of the sun drenched landscape.

James describes God as the ‘Father of lights’, adding that he ‘does not change like the shifting shadows’ (James 1:17). In lives that are so often full of movement and alterations, it is so encouraging to know that the one thing that does not change is the One that really matters.

God himself declares: 

‘For I am The Lord, I change not' (Malachi 3:6).

But why does it matter that God does not change? The answer lies in His character. God is described as being 'Love'. Not just loving - the verb -  but also Love itself - the noun. Love that was manifest in its infinite fullness in the death of Christ in the cross. John, in describing the revelation of Jesus says, ‘The light (Jesus) shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." (John 1:5).  Sin and all its consequences cannot defeat the light that streams from the cross of the crucified Christ. On a personal level, we need not let our circumstances, trials, hardship and sin defeat us, but instead we can bring them to the God of the universe, who constant character of Love ensures us with His intimate care.

Because God does not change, and because He is Love, we can constantly be assured of Grace.

Because God does not change, and because He is Love, we can constantly be assured that He will keep all of His promises.

The permanence of God in relation to the dark clouds that often seem to overshadow our lives is a beautiful and life-changing reality. For me, to know He is the permanent sunshine, the light that has overcome the darkness of sin, is a truth that daily fills my heart with hope and my life with meaning.

God is love. (1 John 4:16)

And there is permanent sunshine above the clouds.



Alex is a third year Classicist at Durham University. She loves dried mango, early morning sunrises, adventures, herbal tea, Latin, reading poetry aloud, the color yellow, Psalm 121, old hymns, the British Library, and ‘Dad jokes’. Most of all, she loves Jesus, and wants to live daily for Him.

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