Princess or President?

Princess or President?

Why be a princess when you can be a president?

It may only be a slogan on a tee-shirt, but it got me thinking: what is worth having, being, striving for, aspiring to? What should girls and women want in life and be aiming for? Is it simply a choice between being a passive princess or powerful president, or is there another alternative?

The Bible makes it clear that the greatest thing in the world is to know God personally. God is the source of all goodness, all love, all light, all that is right and lovely and wonderful. God is also powerful, holy, righteous and magnificent. We can only know him because Jesus has made it possible by dying for us, so that we can be forgiven of all those damaging things which we have said, thought and done which spoil the beautiful world we live in and make a relationship with God impossible.

Through Jesus’ forgiveness we can know God, be in relationship with him and start to live the life of fullness and freedom that God has intended for us. This makes sense of life, giving us purpose and direction. Nothing compares with this!

Paul says ‘I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord'.
(Philippians 3:8)

If we accept God’s offer to be in relationship with him, we are adopted into his family (Romans 8:15) and become children of God. We are members of God’s royal household, not as servants, but as children! This is so amazing! Peter describes us as ‘a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession’ (1 Peter 2:9) Nothing beats this wonderful identity that God has given us in Christ.

So if I accept God’s offer to become his child – entirely his free gift to me, nothing I can do myself – it means that as God’s daughter I am a princess in the courts of God. This is my new, true identity, and with this come the most wonderful privileges:

• I can live the adventure of a life of faith in our loving God, hand in hand with him

• I can play my God-written part in the great work of his kingdom

• I can be in relationship with God, led on my daily journey by his Spirit

• I can live in creative freedom, free from the world’s conventions and pressures

• I can look forward to a perfect heaven where the great adventure will continue

Princesses in God’s kingdom here on earth may be called to be doctors, journalists, florists, bankers, mothers, lawyers, musicians, writers, engineers, teachers, artists – or indeed presidents. But let’s all joyfully accept God’s great invitation to be members of his royal family and not miss out on the greatest adventure possible in life: to be a princess in God’s royal family!


Margaret lives in Cambridge and is a member of Christ Church. She teaches English in one of the Cambridge schools.

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