Girls Who Make Every Day Count

Girls Who Make Every Day Count


“Desire that your life count for something great! Long for your life to have eternal significance. Want this! Don't coast through life without a passion.” John Piper, Don't Waste Your Life

At our first More Precious Team Meeting of 2016 back in early January, surrounded by pastries and that fresh New Year kind of feeling, the idea of doing a Lent series came up. This was a season that was approaching alarmingly fast (was anyone else surprised by early February?!) and frankly, one that I've always associated with being rather boring and severely lacking in chocolate.

So what could we do? Write posts about the things we were giving up? Not a bad idea. But actually, we believed there was also a chance here to use Lent as a positive time, as a time to channel the act of discipline outwardlyby making our lives less about our own desires and more about our Father's will.

We believe that our God is present and involved in the details of our every day lives.

How do we know this? Because at the end of Lent, begins the celebration of Easter: the time we remember the greatest truth the world could ever know - that Jesus came to earth to die for us and take away our sins forever!

Only because of Jesus do we have this access to God at all hours of the day. Only because of Jesus is God no longer distant, but close. No longer unapproachable, but completely accessible. We have a God who passionately pursued a relationship with us, all the way to death on a cross. Let that sink in!

Surely our only response has got to be one of wholehearted service? For after all: how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Every day counts!


Where do we start?

We asked a whole host of girls to help us all out by sharing us a challenge, a resource, and a post about making every day count. And the ideas came flooding in!

Coming up will be posts on joy, peace, and the ever-elusive contentment. Posts on using your words wisely even if you have a temper, and on speaking up for Jesus even when you don't feel brave. Posts on falling back in love with the Bible, and inspiring those around you to do the same - and many more!

If you're anything like me, you'll be reading this list and worrying that you won't be able to manage these things even ONCE - let alone every day. And while it's easy to be inspired by blog posts in the comfort of our homes, it's heaps harder to muster up the courage to actually live this way day in, day out, when all we want to do is fit in. I know that.

But I also know that we have a God who empowers us, even at the times when we feel most scared, and even when we are completely apathetic and stuck in a rut. His power is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). Wow! We have a King who loves using broken people like you and me to build His kingdom and bring Him glory.

Start saying Yes.

Personally, I'm excited for this series because far too often I say No to God and Yes to my own agenda. I'm more concerned about what people think of me than what God desires - and I want to change that.

I want to stop putting myself first because it feels a bit more comfortable, and I want to practice the discipline of saying YES to God, and giving Him rightful first place in my life. I want to walk with Him every single day: everywhere I go and in everything I do.

Will you say Yes to God this Lent, and beyond?

Join us as we begin this new series, and try to live every day for the glory of our God!

Remember, you have one life. That’s all. You were made for God. Don’t waste it.

John Piper, Don't Waste Your Life



Lucy founded More Precious in 2013 and has the absolute joy of overseeing it on a regular basis. Having graduated from Durham, she is spending a year working in Marketing for a Cambridge tech company, and is getting married in June!

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