He Is Risen: The Day Love Won

He Is Risen: The Day Love Won


“I have seen the Lord!” John 20:18

One defining moment, one historical event.

Can you think of one moment in your life where something happened that radically altered your plans?

Today we’re celebrating the day history changed, the day boundaries were broken, expectations shattered, and the moment love was poured out with amazing grace.

A moment that changed everything:

Whether we believe it or not, what took place on that third day thousands of years ago would radically change the history of mankind. Jesus died once, and for all, so that no one would walk in darkness again, but be able to draw near to the living God and taste the fullness of life that is in Him.

If we believe that Jesus rose from the dead, we believe that the curtain between God and man was literally torn in two, death has been defeated and finished, and our eternity secured in Him.

On Easter Sunday we celebrate a God who broke into a hopeless situation with abounding love, grace, and forgiveness.

More than just a historical event:

Just as Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, so we will be too. What happened thousands of years ago at the Cross of Jesus sets up the ultimate Easter story; a story that will take place at the end of eternity where we’ll all be united with our Heavenly Father.

So really, it’s far more than just a distant historical event - it’s something we partake in as well. Through Jesus, God made a way for us to draw near Him without hesitation. He did not hide from us, nor does he sit distant, but he actively made himself known at the Cross and Resurrection.

Mary’s revelation is our revelation:

Mary Magdalene’s primary reaction to the news of Jesus’ resurrection was to go and tell everyone. She was that excited by the news, that overwhelmed, and overjoyed!

“Mary Magdalene went, telling the news to the disciples: “I saw the Master!” And she told them everything he said to her.” (John 20:18)

Let us be the Mary Magdalenes at the empty tomb. Let us be renewed not just today, but every day of this amazing news of Jesus’ resurrection. The revelation of our living God is as real to us now, as it was to Mary Magdalene.

I pray that every day, but especially this Easter Sunday, we might come to know the living and risen Jesus with the awe and wonder of Mary.



Hailing from London, Nadia is studying Theology in Durham at St Chad’s College, where she met Lucy as a fresher. Nadia plays for Durham University Hockey Club, and is also involved with Christian Union and Bethshan Church, Durham. She loves friends, food, and travelling the world.

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