How To Tackle: Job

How To Tackle: Job

Good morning girls! We're stuck into our summer series and have a great post for you about how to tackle the difficult book of Job. Maybe put aside some time this morning to get your Bible out and take a look through this part of the Bible, and see what God might be teaching you through it. Wishing you all happy weekends! L x


I wonder whether you have ever found the story in the book of Job puzzling? He is a wealthy and upright man who loves God. God permits Satan to systematically destroy Job’s flocks, possessions and children - and his health. Do we want to say “Is this fair, God?”

It’s tempting isn’t it?

As the story continues, Job's friends come to ‘comfort’ him, much of which is unhelpful. He goes on to struggle with his situation, his friends and anguish until Chapter 19, where he makes a statement of faith in spite of all that he has suffered:

"I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth." Job 19:25

Finally, in Chapter 40, God answers Job and reveals his power as the Creator God.

So.. is "Is This Fair?" a question we sometimes have when difficulties, losses and disappointments come into our lives? Do we really grasp the truth that God is our Creator God and Heavenly Father, to whom we belong and who brought us into being (Psalm 139)?

We can be aware of God’s grace as He sustains and walks with us each day. In His grace he gives us wonderful blessings and experiences, but there are times when we need to understand that His grace is also in the darker times we experience.

This is because God is in the business of our personal transformation. He longs to draw us ever closer to Himself, to grow us in faith and trust and help us to become more in love with Him and His purposes for us, in every circumstance.

Paul Tripp says in one of his devotionals:

“There is so much we don’t understand; so rest is found in trusting the Father. [...]  He is worthy of your trust and he loves you dearly. Today your Heavenly Father reaches down and says “I know you don’t understand all that you face but remember, I love you!

‘I love you, with an everlasting love’. (Jeremiah 31:3)




Vicki lives in lovely Ely. Family is her joy, she enjoys river walks and watching rugby. She longs to see folk come to know Jesus. (Vicki is also Granny to our very own Katrina!)

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