Setting An Example: Conduct

Setting An Example: Conduct

This morning, Amy challenges us to see conduct as not just actions and behaviour, but the result of the desires of our hearts. We LOVE this. Nadia x

For me, this has been the toughest post to write. I want to tell you that conduct is all about the outside, our behaviour, and so setting a good example is about following a checklist of rules laid out in the Bible. But this simply isn’t true.

Yes, at its simplest, conduct is defined as behaviour, but the root of that behaviour is so much more important.

If we want to set an example for others in our conduct, then we need to also be setting an example in our relationship with God.

He is the one who will mould our hearts to be most like His. Our conduct will be at its best, our behaviour most Christ-like, when our hearts are completely His.

Our actions come from the desires of our hearts. If we are seeking God with all we have, that will be reflected in what we do. He will be our focus. Equally, if our hearts are totally self-absorbed, then our behaviour will be selfish and detrimental to others.

But what can we do about this? How do we know that our hearts are “in the right place”?

Simply put: we ask God.

As we spend time with God, growing in relationship with Him, listening to what He has to say and focusing on Him, He will show us what needs to change. God has this beautiful way of showing us what could be better in a way that we will understand. I can think of so many times in my own life, where my heart has veered away from God and gently but firmly God has brought me back on track.

“Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.” 
(Proverbs 3:6, MSG)

Why not spend some time listening to this song, and ask God to show you what your heart is focused on?

Remember that God is faithful, He will answer our prayers, in His timing - at a moment, or over a period of time. In His wisdom, and through His love, He will reveal to us where we’ve strayed from Him and, at the same time, how much He loves us regardless. 


A village girl at heart, Amy is moving to Southampton this year to study Medicine; and is looking forward to taking up sailing, finding a new church, and seeing God move at Uni. She has loved being involved in churches and CU at home and is super excited to see what God has planned for this next (quite long!) chapter.

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