Love Came Down: God Has Promised

Love Came Down: God Has Promised


365 days ago ...

I was a single student, living in Sheffield, having a pretty fun and simple life. Today, I am a graduate, living in America, with a man back home and all of my unresolved doubts and fears out on the table waiting to be dealt with. Aside from graduating, nothing about my situation is what I’d expected and it scares me.

Now I haven’t miraculously given birth to the Saviour of the World, but I bet Mary would have also said in that stable that nothing about her situation was what she had expected a year earlier.

It wasn’t a smooth road there for Mary (and I don’t just mean the bumpy donkey ride). Her fiancé wanted to dumped her and she endured childbirth surrounded by animal filth. Do you think it’s possible that, just for a moment, she wondered if things had gone wrong? 

I imagine that she did, because I know I have. I worked hard at uni and I had my career planned out, but now I can’t see how it's going to work with all these new variables at play. God has blessed me with a relationship with someone who is 3500 miles away – this can’t be the relationship He wanted? I might not have dealt with a lot of my ‘baggage’ before, but surely He didn’t want me to feel so lost in it?!

It would be so easy for me to pack my bags, declare that I’d taken a wrong turn and go back to the starting point, buying a better Sat-Nav on the way!

But tell me, where is the trust in that? Where is the willingness to let go of my expectations and say with Mary,

“I am the Lord’s servant. May your word to me be fulfilled”?

God didn’t visit me a year ago and tell me exactly what my situation would be on this day. But He has made promises. Promises to protect me, sanctify me, answer me, and most of all be with me. I can’t always see how they fit in my situation but

“blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfil his promises to her”.

If you’re at a point in your life this Christmas that doesn’t look like you’re heading where you thought God wanted you, go back to His promises. Ask God to help you prayerfully let go of your expectations and trust like Mary.


Originally from Cambridge, Abby graduated in Psychology from Sheffield University. After spending some time in the States studying biblical counselling with CCEF, Abby is hoping to pursue a doctorate in Clinical Psychology! After becoming a Christian at 20 years old, she has loved getting more involved with More Precious ever since and seeing the fruit of its ministry!

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