Truths We Love: Isaiah 40:30-31

Truths We Love: Isaiah 40:30-31

It's a total joy to be revisiting our popular series Truths We Love. The vision is to fill you up with engaging, relevant and inspiring content that will help you learn to love the Bible - whether you've been reading it as long as you can remember, or have never opened its pages before!

This time round, we'll be going through some study questions based on each passage (find these at the bottom of the page!) as well as devotional posts. We can't wait to journey through the scriptures with girls up and down the country doing the same! We hope you are blessed by it. MP Team x

“Even youths grow tired and weary and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.”
(Isaiah 40:30-31)

Although old-school, I love Chris Tomlin’s song ‘Everlasting God’, based on the verses above.

Many of us are familiar with this passage, but the verse I love comes just before. It reminds me that God’s kingdom and promises are as much for me as for my parents, as they are for children and the elderly.

As a ‘youth’ I sometimes feel I need to wait till I’m past my teens to have a full and rich relationship with God. A bit like when I thought I needed to have my ears pierced in order to look ready for secondary school, I make a division between me and the adult congregation at church because I feel my walk with Jesus can’t be as deep, intimate and transformative.

But this verse shows us that as youth, just like everyone else, we can grow tired. But more importantly, that God can ‘renew MY strength’ something I’d associated with a ‘rich and full’ relationship with Him.

We are just as important.

This verse also reminds me that as much as my grandma and grandpa say “oh, you’re young and fit you shouldn’t be tired” or my friends expected to survive on 3 hours of sleep after a party and be fine, even the young aren’t as powerful or strong as God.

In the verse before: “He will not grow tired or weary, and His understanding no one can fathom”, the contrast between us as tired youth and God who never grows tired helps me to know it’s okay to be struggling because we are not expected to be like God.

I also love and find great joy in this verse because it evokes hope from such a great truth- If we hope in the Lord then our strength will be renewed (Cue Chris Tomlin!) What an amazing statement that is. This is something I had to consciously keep reminding myself of before and then I experienced it first hand.

A few months ago something happened that left me feeling lonely, tired and in a mess. I came back to this verse, briefly prayed that God would strengthen me and got on with the situation. A week later the problem had been resolved and to my surprise, although I was hurt, tired and weary, I wasn’t a complete wreck, I had been strengthened from the inside by God to cope.

So I encourage you to think about an area of your life where you need strength and to be reminded of this verse knowing that 1) even us, youth grow weary and that’s okay but that 2) our strength comes from a Father who made us and loves us.

Because where better to get strength from than someone who made the universe!? Now that’s pretty powerful.



Lydia has just finished school in Cambridge and is excited to be going to college in September where she will be taking full advantage of being an arts kid. Lydia enjoys making and eating brunch, doing pottery, writing poetry, anything metallic and crazy dancing in public places. She’s excited to see how God will use her in the college environment as well as the excuse to buy a new set of stationery…

Devotional Study Questions (Isaiah 40:30-31)

1.     Have you ever felt like you are being prevented from having a full and rich relationship with God, either by yourself or by others?

2.     Where do you tend to look for strength? Is it your friends, your work, your hobbies? How can you instead remind yourself to ‘hope in the Lord’ who never tires out?

3.     Do you know that it is ok for everyone to be weary and feel the need to ask for help sometimes? When thinking about this I am often reminded of the passage 1 Kings 19. Elijah is running for his life, he is weary and weak, and he actually thinks dying would be better. God can be very practically strengthening as well as spiritually strengthening in these situations! An angel of God helps Elijah and encourages him to sleep and eat and sleep again and eat again! Take your burden to God, let him strengthen your heart but also know that sleep and good food are a practical and important blessing from God when we are particularly weary.


God, help me to know that you are the true giver of strength, thank you that because of Jesus we can always talk to you and ask you for help. Remind me of how strong you are whenever I need it.

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