Eight Tips for Starting Year 8

Eight Tips for Starting Year 8

Year 8 is a great year: you've settled into school, you're no longer the 'new girls', and there are no exams. So how can you make the most of this year and live for Jesus? 

We've gathered some advice for you, as you prepare to begin a brand new year as a Year 8 girl!


Tip 1: Hattie says...

Stay excited about starting a new term! Even if it's the same school you've already been at, a new term still means a fresh start - so approach it with a fresh attitude and ask God to give you energy and excitement as you begin.

Tip 2: Nina says... 

Like Hattie said: be excited! Maybe spend some time before term starts writing down specific goals and dreams that you want to achieve, and ask God to help you do these. For example: improving your grade in Biology, or joining a new sports club (even if you feel nervous). 

Tip 3: Naomi says... 

Year Eight is a good year because you don't have big exams, and so you have lots of time to spend with your friends. Think about which friends you want to talk to about Jesus (if they aren't Christians) and ask God to give you courage to start good conversations with them across the year.

Tip 4: Lottie says...

If you find one subject really hard (mine was Maths), remember that God does care about the little things in your life: so pray to Him whenever you feel like things are impossible; ask for help from your teacher and family; and work hard as a way of loving and praising God. It won't go to waste! 

Tip 5: Megan says...

Last year I tried really hard not to complain about school. It's easy to be annoyed about having too much homework, or about strict teachers. But God wants us to be joyful and has given us so much to be thankful for! I think it is really effective to be a girl who tries not to complain.

Tip 6: Tal says... 

When I was in Year 8, lots of my friends started getting boyfriends and I felt so left out and worried that nobody would ever like me. My advice to you is to stay focused on God instead, and pray to Him if you feel lonely - or speak to people at church about things. Year 8 is still really young and we have plenty of time to grow up and grow in our faith before we find a boyfriend! 

Tip 7: Beth says...

I remember Year 8 being a tricky time: my body was changing, I started getting spots, and I didn't know what kind of clothes I should be wearing! But I want to encourage you that your identity isn't in your clothes or your make-up, but in God instead. Remembering this truth always gave me so much peace, as I knew that I was loved and secure as a daughter of God.

Tip 8: KatIA says...

Sometimes it can feel like you're not grown up enough to make a difference: but my advice for you starting Year 8 is to remember that God has placed you in your school, in your friendship groups and classes for a reason - and He WILL use you if you let Him! Never think that you are too young to be used by God!

Remember: God goes before you and has a plan for you. We’re praying you would start Year 8 rooted in His love!  

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