Shine Bright: A New Term Begins...

Shine Bright: A New Term Begins...

This week is likely to mark the beginning of a new term for you - or at least a new start after a long summer. Nadia has a great post to share with us, to combat that 'Night Before' feeling... We hope you start this year rooted in God's love and confident in His plans for you.

The beginning of term was probably one of my favourite parts of the year - a new schedule, new classmates, sometimes new subjects, seeing friends after a couple months apart! (And obviously, some fresh new stationery is pretty exciting too.)

For some of you however, a new term can feel daunting and overwhelming; and perhaps you're feeling a little anxious about the year ahead. It can feel like there is a lot expected of you, and you are left wondering how you'll match up to that!

The temptation to simply blend in, perform well, keep your head down, and stay stuck in a routine is pretty enticing.

Yet God's breathed Word talks about why standing out for Jesus, sticking up for what is good, and following his Wisdom is so worth it. Daniel 12:3 says:

"...and those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above, and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever."

We may be able to shine academically, on the sports field, or be in the popular group at school. Yet what this verse is saying is that those who see the fullness of life in Christ, who trust Him above all else, who see His wisdom as far better than the world, will radiate light "forever and ever."

So this term, let's make a decision to choose Christ and stand up for what is true, so that God's glory is displayed to others. THIS is the most important decision we can make ahead of a new term - and we promise you that God will not let you down if you choose to commit the year ahead to His glory.

So as you head to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow morning refreshed for a new start, know that no matter what you do, God's love for you remains unchanged and unconditional.

Shine bright for God this term!



Hailing from London, Nadia is studying Theology in Durham at St Chad’s College, where she met Lucy as a fresher. Nadia has loved the opportunities that MP brings, including the chance to be involved in events and giving talks for the first time! She is always praying that girls would be changed and pointed to Jesus.


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