Pushing Fear Out To Move Hope In

Pushing Fear Out To Move Hope In

The journey between our heads and hearts, is one of the longest but yet the most important journeys we will ever make. This wonderful post by Abbie challenges me to bridge that gap; allowing fear to be overtaken and replaced with the joy unshakeable, hope sufficient, and enduring patience through Christ.  Let's kick the weekend off with this incredible truth! N x

I think that loving Jesus and choosing to follow him is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Discovering more of his grace, mercy and love is one of the biggest adventures that we can ever have but, being a follower of Jesus doesn't give us a fast pass out of life's slightly rocky times. Oh no...

Perhaps you've been through a time in your life where your heart is broken, you're exhausted, you feel let down and you've just had enough...I certainly have. I think it's so easy in those times to convince yourself that you're fixing your eyes on Jesus, committing everything to him and trusting him with absolutely everything when in reality, you are still clinging so tightly to whatever it is that's causing you pain.

You go to church, engage in worship, and maybe receive prayer at the end but you walk out feeling unchanged. We know all the promises, all the truths, and all the stories from the Bible that God has a perfect plan for your life and that he works all things together for your good.

Here's the thing: believing those promises in your head is SO different from knowing those promises in your heart.

Making that connection is one of the longest but best, and most important journeys that Christians can go on ...and this is where the lesson of patience comes in.

Romans 12.12

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer.

Through every situation and I mean EVERY situation, God works it for the good of those who love Him. God is working his good, pleasing, and perfect plan for your life in ways that you aren't even aware of. Nothing is wasted with him. The God who works all things together for good will leverage every experience, every skill, every mistake, every regret, and every bit of knowledge that you have gained from your experiences.

God wants to restore us in his glory and gently love our broken hearts back together. 

I have definitely been learning to be patient and trust God's plans recently and it isn't easy. I am that person who is always on the go, loves getting answers fast, and finds it difficult when things don't go the way I imagined. I am also a huge forward planner and love the idea of mapping out my life.

It's only recently that I've properly been learning that our way isn't always God's way and to be patient with His plans and His timing. I think the thing that leaves me in awe the most is that when we totally give everything up to God and fully trust Him with what we're going through, all fear goes and joy, and hope move in.

God's incomprehensible joy, through His holy spirit, is living in us every day if we choose to accept it. So today I challenge you, whatever it is you're going through and whatever pain you're facing, to ask God, “which of your promises do I need to know in my heart? Heal my heart, restore me for your glory and fill me with your hope as I trust in you”.

Most of all, whatever it is you're experiencing at the moment, wait on the Lord. He will never leave you or forsake you. Put your trust fully in him for He is SO good, faithful, and unchanging.



Abbie, a Gloucestershire girl at heart, is studying her A Levels in the Cotswolds and is hoping to study Drama at Exeter next year. Abbie is a lover of Jesus and all things organisational. She is passionate about sharing and demonstrating Jesus' love to everyone around her, and she is full of encouragement and wisdom. A true gem!

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