The Bold & The Brave | Esther

The Bold & The Brave | Esther

It's a delight to share with you Rachel's thoughts on this Queen who models humility; yet firmly knew her identity and God-given power enough to walk with obedience to what God had called her. Ponder the question; how willing are we to take a risk for God?

Have a blessed weekend! MP team x


I am amazed by Queen Esther; and I’m as inspired by her accomplishments as I am her character. 

She was the embodiment of strength, authority, integrity and beauty. She was confident in who she was as a daughter of heaven, and she refused to be intimidated.

She was also secure in her relationship with God, and she trusted Him, even to the point of risking her very life to approach her husband, uninvited, to carry God’s message.

Like Esther, we can be confident in our relationship with God. As Believers we hear His voice because we are His sheep. He never stops speaking to us! Kris Vallotton says, “How does a guy named ‘Word’ not have anything to say?” We see that not only did Esther’s faith in God protect her when she took a potentially life-threatening risk, but it should encourage us to ask ourselves: what can we accomplish if we act on the words God spoke to us, no matter the risk?

Esther’s obedience to God and her willingness to take a risk resulted in her people being saved from imminent death. How willing are we to take a risk?

One of the main things I've learnt whilst studying at ministry school is that faith is spelled R-I-S-K, and that faith is an action word.

We cannot operate in faith while staying home and watching Netflix – faith is activated by our actions and God is greatly moved by our steps of faith.  God’s word never returns void. If God speaks something to us, it is because He has a purpose for it – God never just chatters on – He speaks with intentionality; this is something Esther understood.  She walked in Divine authority. She was aware of the power she possessed and instead of fearing it, she whole-heartedly embraced it. 

SHE EMBRACED HER GOD-given authority and gifting

For much of my life I did not realise that I was a powerful person. I did not trust myself to make good decisions or to trust that I heard God’s voice correctly.

When Jesus died on the cross, He brought us into direct communion with our Father. We have direct access to every power of heaven that Jesus had when He walked on the earth. Jesus Himself said in John 14:12, “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works…." Jesus points out that we have the same authority to do what He did, and even greater things.

It can be easy to shrink back in fear, allowing ourselves to be intimidated by what the enemy seems to be doing. We sit back, pray, and wait for God to give us the keys of Heaven. What we need to remember is that Jesus won back the keys at His death on Calvary – we have been the victors all along! I believe Esther understood her God-given authority.


Esther was a woman of integrity. She was the chosen one, not only by God, but by the Persian king. She was also used mightily by God and because of her obedience, literally changed history and saved thousands of people. Yet, she did not become arrogant or proud. She remained humble, devoted to God, and her people. She understood that humility is not thinking less of oneself, but thinking of oneself less.

It's easy to believe that beating ourselves down and saying things like, “Aww, for lil’ old me?” or “I’m not that important,” is portraying a humbled heart. I'd like to propose to you that that’s not what humility is about. After all, God created us in His image, Genesis 1:27. I have heard it said that when we talk badly about ourselves or beat ourselves up in an attempt to “be humble” we are essentially telling God that we do not like how He created us and that His death was in vain. We are conveying to Him that He made a mistake with us. It is like judging a work of art, which is passing judgement towards its creator.  Humility is recognising our power, worth and beauty, but understanding it's source. 

Esther was aware of her power and God-given beauty. As a person made in the image of God, she did not shrink back or hide. She embraced who she was.



Originally from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Rachel lives with her husband and is currently studying at ministry school in Redding, California. She has a heart for purity and working with young people, and since starting school has loved the fresh revelation of the Father's love as well as enjoying being in community with others. She has an Associates degree in English and Journalism and some of her many hobbies and passions include reading, writing, hiking, baking, cooking, and horse training. 

If you want to check out some more of Rachel's work or get in contact, head over to her blog here!

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