The Bold & The Brave | Moses

The Bold & The Brave | Moses

Last March we journeyed together through some of the boldest and bravest characters in history. The series was so loved that we're relaunching it for Autumn 2017, with more incredible stories of courage and hope.

We're also super excited that each of these weekend posts over the Autumn will be written by one of our sisters from the States - sharing their wisdom on these brave biblical heroes and blessing us here in the UK.

Grab a cup of tea & have a read! MP Team x


“But Moses said to God: Who am I, that I should go to Pharoah and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?”

I love the character of Moses. I love his bravery. I love his willingness to chase after the purpose God has placed on his life, despite his shortcomings. 

Moses; a sunday-school classic. What’s your first thought about him? The baby who was hidden in a reed basket by his mother and sister? The prince who was raised in Egyptian luxury despite being an Israelite by birth? Or is it the man who divided an entire sea, and had a conversation with the Lord through a burning bush? 

All of the above are true. As I’ve looked at the life of Moses, I’ve realised that there’s also another dimension to his character. 

Born an Israelite, he was raised in a regime that punished the very people he belonged to by birth (Israelites). He wasn’t oblivious to it though, very aware of the persecution happening to his own people but also well aware of the kind of trouble he’d get in if Pharoah discovered he’d been meddling with matters that shouldn’t have concerned him. We see this in Exodus 2:11-12; “he went out to his people and looked on their burdens, and he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his people. He looked this way and that, and seeing no one, he struck down the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.” Moses is convicted, but does not feel qualified or called to stand against what he knows to be injustice, until Pharoah exposes him.  

This is what makes Moses so courageous, as we see in Exodus 3:11-14. Feeling unqualified and unsure by saying 'Who am I that I should go to Pharoah’, he’s also willing to yield to what God is calling him to.

Moses shows us that our calling is not necessarily what we think we’re qualified for. His story shows us that the Father’s purpose for our lives could be radically different to our current circumstances, maybe even the things we think we’re good at. All He needs is our YES!

Moses ultimately ran towards that which intimidated him and filled him with fear (flick back to how he tries to hide his defence of the Hebrew people from Pharoah in Exodus 3:11). His story shows that our call to greatness, our ability and purpose isn’t dependent on what WE think about ourselves but what He thinks about us. It's about saying yes to God, even if you feel like Moses did when he said ‘Who Am I?’, qualified for one Kingdom and unqualified for another. 

What’s the outcome?

Moses sacrificed his earthly royalty for a YES to the unknown, a YES despite everything stacked against him, a YES to what he was most convicted about. But had he stuck with Pharoah and what he felt qualified for, his life would not have been as significant!

Moses’ bold and courageous YES to God’s plans began him on a journey of deep faith. It was this faith that Moses left Egypt without fear of the Pharoah’s punishment, that he commanded a nation of people through a parting red sea. It was this YES that enabled him to become a leader of nations, to conquer every doubt he had before and to boldly stand before the Israelites and declare 'The Lord will fight for you; you only have to be still.' (Exodus 14:14).  He gave God his YES before his emotions and feelings had time to catch up, and we see that God honoured Moses' fearless step into the unknown and the uncertain. 

Our bold YES to God produces faith to trust in an unfailing God. 

So whatever stage of life you’re at - middle school, final year, beginning university, planning career - remember that He qualifies you.  Run towards that which requires you to be courageous, that inspires hope and it is there that you’re likely to find your breakthrough. 



Originally from London and currently studying at ministry school in North California, Nadia graduated with a degree in Theology at Durham University in June 2017. She has loved the opportunities that MP brings and is always praying that girls would be changed and pointed to Jesus. Aside from work, Nadia loves spending time outdoors, sports, and travelling.

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