1 | Promises of Joy

1 | Promises of Joy

Gooooood morning More Precious community, and welcome to our Christmas series! December’s arrived, and we are ready and SET! 

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We started dreaming up ideas for this Christmas series all the way back in July; allowing ourselves the strange but fun luxury of perusing festive Pinterest boards and leaving trails of Mariah in our Spotify history. Praying and thinking through the options, we got a real sense that we wanted to do two things:

1. Cut through the noise and chaos of the season with simple and solid truths.

2. Lead the way in celebrating the heart of Christmas!

I for one just LOVE the all-round spirit of anticipation, excitement and celebration at this time of year. Christmas has always been, and will always be, a season of celebration and hope. Hope for what has been. Hope for what is to come.

While it’s definitely right to be seeking to promote something more than the consumerist narrative that you might see on your screens this month – it’s also totally OK to join in the fun and games of the season with a full and joyful heart – whatever your quirky traditions and guilty pleasures may be (this Rizzle Kicks masterpiece, since you asked).

Rather than rejecting the world’s celebrations, we should be the best celebrators around! Let’s be leaders of the celebrations! Because after all, don’t we have the absolute best reason to celebrate? Don’t we want to lift high the name of Jesus at every opportunity we have?

So, here’s your challenge: journey with us throughout December, starting every single day reflecting on one of the promises of God. We’ve called this Christmas series Promises of Joy, and a new promise will land in your inbox every morning, with a short reflection to help you apply it to your life.

By nourishing our souls with deep, unshakeable truths every day, there’s no doubt that we’ll be moved to celebrate the gift of Jesus. Because when we cover ourselves in the promises of the Bible, we’re reminding ourselves what we’re really living for.

In preparing for this series, we’ve dug deep into the scriptures, searching for promises that we can hold onto with confidence every day. And let me tell you - we’ve hit on treasure after treasure. Just a few of them:

The Lord shall reign forever and ever. (Exodus 15:18)
The joy of the Lord is your strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)
No one will take your joy from you. (John 16:22)

^ Read them again! HUGE promises!

If we really believed these promises, over our lives, would we live differently? If we were confident that we’d see the promises of God outworked in our lives, would we pray differently? If we knew we were safe and secure in our identity forever, would we use our social media differently? Would we compare ourselves as much? Would we take bigger risks? Would we live free of shame?

What an opportunity to invest in our hearts, at a time of year when our hearts are often pulled in so many different directions. And I can guarantee that even if you just invest 5 minutes a day into soaking up these promises this Christmas, those 125 minutes will be significantly well spent.

I know for many of you, Christmas is always tinged with moments of sadness or discontentment. Maybe it’s strained family relationships, the loss of someone you wish was still with you, or the feeling that everyone else seems to be having a better time than you are.

So why not commit to joining this journey: committing to 125 minutes of deeply impactful scriptures this Christmas. God’s Word is living and active, and will get to work in your heart more deeply than anything else: giving you the strength to trust in God’s goodness; the joy to celebrate the significance of Jesus coming to earth; and the reason to celebrate more than ANYONE the gift of eternal life.

We can’t wait to get going!

PS – I really do believe that Christians should be the best celebrators around. So, your Challenge No. 2 for this December is to show everyone how it’s done! Get your sparkles on, put that star on the tree, write those Christmas cards (what a great opportunity to pray for people and give them Bible verses for their situations), crank up the tunes and pray boldly each day that you would know the JOY of the Lord in your life.

Lucy & the MP Team x

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Lucy founded More Precious in her first year at Durham University and has had the privilege of overseeing it ever since. She now lives in London with her husband James and is part of the church family at Holy Trinity Clapham. Lucy is super excited about journeying through this Christmas series! 

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