6 | Wings Like Eagles

6 | Wings Like Eagles

Today we are reminded about the incredible promise of renewed strength for those who hope in the Lord. Rosie encourages us that through everything we will be stronger with Jesus by our side, so read on and be refreshed and uplifted!

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Washing up on Christmas Day, I heard this exchange between two (unnamed) family members… “This isn’t washed up properly!”.
And the quip shot back?
“If you want something done properly – do it yourself!”

I’m sure the Wright girls aren’t the only ones to have had a similar squabble, and we’re all familiar with the principle. Perfectionist or not, when taking on personal responsibility at work/school/home in any given task, it may well be necessary to make sure that the standard is to the level you expect.

But it would be exhausting to shoulder all responsibility for everything we do.  Based on this promise in Isaiah from God - we could rewrite that popular phrase above to say…

“In everything you do – put your hope in God.”

We learn here that God will take the burden – AND you’ll be strengthened in the process. If you want to share the responsibility of any part of life with anyone, you’ll be stronger with God.

We’re told that as a result of this hope, we “will soar on wings like eagles”. What’s special about an eagle’s flight? Andy Lester, the director of conservation at Christian environmental charity ARocha tells me that eagles like windy days. In fact, when conditions are windy, instead of fighting against the weather, it’s easier for them to fly. They use less energy and are carried by the wind. They thrive when there is tension in the weather.

What does that mean for us? 

When we face our own storms, we can do that with ease because God is protecting us, keeping us strong and fit for the challenges ahead. Just as the eagle can coast on the current, we can live assured that God is doing work on our behalf! This promise is eternal. God is saying; I am there for those who trust in me, you’ll be stronger with me walking with you. We can lean on God and trust in him. Just like an eagle soaring strong, swift and high, we have new energy and strength. The only requirement from us - is to put our hope in him.

We can also remember this promise in our everyday battles. Door number 6 on the advent calendar gets peeled open today. As we hit the half way point of this week, with less than three weeks to go, the to-do list, the mounting stress and excitement, presents to buy, carol services to attend, it all starts to build up. Take two minutes to remember the promise made here. God can restore, re-energise and revitalise the weariest worker.

As stress can override the excitement about the real joy of the advent story, remember this simple promise: God will work for you. The consequence of putting hope in him is strength.



Rosie is an award winning broadcast journalist and radio presenter. She's a lifelong Londoner, eldest of four girls, gospel singer and lipstick lover!

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