10 | With Us Always

10 | With Us Always

What an encouragement Susie shares with us today, that, "Jesus promises to leave us with His abiding Presence, love and friendship; from that flows His gift of joy."

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The word 'present' has many meanings, especially at Christmas time! We're reminded today of the incredible promise that Jesus makes to be with us, to be present in our lives until the very end of the age. 

Christmas is marked by joy.  Like the abundance of glitter in Christmas crafts, every where one turns, joy is penned into the activities. 

Like Christmas, joy is something to be shared.  Like the Heavenly Host, who declared the birth of Jesus, who sang as a choir before an audience of Shepherds; joy happens together. We were designed for us. Celebration happens in the collective, parties have invites, presents are exchanged and laughter is contagious. I love the phrase, “The more the merrier.”

Jesus birth is prophesied through the name Immanuel, God with us.  Jesus came to be with us and to make a way for relationship, not only with Him but all of the Godhead.  Jesus’ parting words are a promise of His forever Presence.

“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:20

What a dichotomy. Jesus leaves His disciples with the promise of His forever Presence. His departure does not create distance to the Father, but infinite connection, through the Holy Spirit. His parting words are not a goodbye, but a gift of Him always being with us. 

The God who created the Universe, gave everything to come and live among us and offer us the gift of Himself. God was delighted to have all His fullness dwell In Christ and then Christ knocks on the door of our hearts and asks us if He can come in. 

The one whose words create, bring truth, calm the storm, multiply food, release healing, and bring life, speak a promise of His eternal nearness.

We are never alone, which opens up another gift often spoken of at Christmas; joy.  In His Presence, is fullness of joy, His very being invoking joy into our lives. Jesus promises in John 15 to leave us with His abiding Presence, love and friendship; from that flows His gift of joy.  “I have told you this so that my joy may in you and that your joy may be complete.”  Joy is a present; readily available, without price and separate from circumstances because it is not based upon our reality but it is derived from the One.  Joy is a shared state of being.

Today, may an awareness of His nearness and His presence release His joy, bursting in your hearts, bubbling up without limit. 

May you know the One who is fullness of joy. 

Whatever your circumstances this Christmas, may you know His forever Presence.  



Susie Moore is 31 years old and from Donaghadee, Northern Ireland.  She studied education and taught for one year in Bangor and Clough.  In 2007 she flew to Nepal to teach in an international school for 8 months and was privileged to teach there for 8 years.  Susie currently studies at a ministry school at Bethel Church, Redding, California. She is passionate to see Jesus in the nations and people operating in freedom and truth.

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