3 | Springs of Salvation

3 | Springs of Salvation

In the busy-ness of Christmas it is easy to forget the real reason we are meeting with friends and family to celebrate this time of year. Prepare for the month ahead and remind yourself of where your joy springs from. MP Team xx

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“With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation” - Isaiah 12: 3

It is so easy to forget what God has done for us. Each day goes by with us trying to lead our good Christian lives, trying (and failing) to live in a way that pleases God but all the while, getting lost and drawn away from the very reason of why. And once we fail to see this, we fail to see the greatness of our God and start questioning why we should even bother.

It is here that we must remind ourselves of the springs of salvation. 

This picture of water is used throughout the Bible and it is often described as “living water” Rev 7:17, John 4:10). Water is one of our few daily needs and without it, we cannot live yet Jesus describes this “living water” as something only He can give. So it is to Him we need to look to in order to live in a relationship with our Father and Lord God. But not only can we draw from this well daily for a right relationship with God, this living water also refers to something much greater. John 4:14 shows that this “spring of water is welling up to eternal life”. Drawing from this well of salvation allows us to come into our Father’s presence now, but it also seals us eternally as children of God ready to rejoice in eternal life with Him after death.  

“But to all who did receive Him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” - John 1:12

Isaiah 12:3 reminds us to come with joy to this well. Salvation is only through Jesus’ blood shed on the cross in order to turn God’s righteous anger away from us and onto Jesus. This is referred to a few verses earlier in Isaiah 12:1 where he writes: “for though you were angry with me, your anger turned away, that you might comfort me”. And although it can seem odd to rejoice in such horrific and painful suffering on the cross, an event that reminds us of our rejection of God, when we realise that Jesus willingly did this out of immeasurable love for us, it stirs up deep gratitude, praise and joyfulness.

We must never forget what Jesus did on the cross for us, but not only that- we must never stop rejoicing about it.

Everyday we turn our back against God meaning everyday this well of salvation saves us. Even though we come to this well in a state not fit for God, we can still rejoice despite our sins because Jesus has taken that judgment we deserve from God. This is an endless supply of salvation that is to be richly enjoyed. Knowing that we can always just turn back to the well can tempt us to down play the seriousness of our sin which we mustn’t do. But the more of this joy we understand, the more we can praise God for it by living for Him.

So let us fix our eyes on Jesus daily to keep the greatness of our God in sight, for he is the one who is worthy of our unending joyful praise and obedience for his unending springs of salvation. 



Rosie is in her third and final year at Durham University, where she is part of the Christchurch family. Rosie loves playing in her Durham hockey team, hanging out with friends (usually involving food) and spending time with her three sisters and family at home. 

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