20 | Unfailing Love

20 | Unfailing Love

This time of year can encourage unwelcome emotions relating to money or family; insecurities that for the rest of the year can be swept under the carpet. Today Amy helps us to re-discover why we are celebrating.. simply because of God's NEVER-FAILING love for us! I am seriously glad to again realise that I can stand with joy on such simplicity. Everything else is noise.

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"Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken" - Isaiah 54:10

Nobody panic, but it’s only FIVE DAYS until Christmas...!!! And what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to dwell on and soak in the incredible, unfailing love of the Father!

But maybe you’re not feeling quite so joyful just yet. Perhaps this year has held disappointments or deep sadness or maybe it’s just been a bit average overall. We live in an extremely uncertain world; I always picture the reference to the ‘mountains be shaken and the hills be removed’ to a visual representation of the world we live in. Even the most seemingly ‘secure’ and ‘stable’ things on this earth will fall to dust. Nothing within this world is secure, everything is moveable. This can affect us day to day, as plans can be changed at the drop of a text, relationships can be broken by a simple action, and loved ones can perish at the touch of an illness. However, as Christians, there is the most joyful hope in the midst of the shaking mountains.

 Throughout the Bible, we are regularly reminded of Jesus’ love for us. Apparently in the NIV translation, the phrase "unfailing love" occurs a total of 32 times in the bible, mostly in the book of Psalms. We are reminded so often throughout our lives of this love that it can be all too easy to accept it without allowing it to shape us.

But lets take a moment today to allow the concept of unfailing love to sink into our hearts.

Imagine a world without failure. It’s impossible! Failure surrounds us, it seeps into every corner of our lives and is integral to the world we live in. However, Jesus never fails. Those three words hold so much power- he never fails. The dictionary definition of ‘Unfailing’ is ‘without error or fault; reliable and constant.’ This concept is impossible for us, as failing humans, to grasp fully. The Lord of all, who is without error or fault, adores us. My prayer is that you will allow that to shape you as you dwell on Jesus’ promise that his love for you will never cease.

However, maybe the shaking mountains engulfing you currently are clouding your visibility of this unfailing love that is so regularly promised. At this point, Psalm 13:5 beautifully prompts us to actively choose trust when all around you is trembling.

 ‘But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.’ – Psalm 13:5

We can rejoice because his love banishes out all fear, our God is for us and he has overcome. With Jesus, fear has no place.

But, how does this 'Unfailing Love' affect us day to day? Jesus' unfailing love means we can approach God’s throne with…

1)   Confidence

Because we know he is reliable and constant in his love for us, we can be confident that our identity lies in Him, we can be confident that He will never forsake us, and we can be confident in living for Him.

2)   Boldness

This confidence that we can have in Jesus means that we can be bold in our faith. We can dare to live audaciously and wholeheartedly for Him, going against the patterns of the world, resting in the knowledge that we are cherished, deeply loved and known children. If our identity is rooted in being known and loved by Him, we can live BOLDY!

3)   Thankfulness

Finally, because of His mercy, we should approach Gods throne, overflowing with thankfulness, joy and praise. For “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

Whatever your shaking mountains may be this season, focus your attention not on them, but on the constant, unfailing love the Creator of the World has for you. And with minds and hearts set on this, let's approach his throne boldly, with confidence, and with thankfulness. For he is a merciful father, who, in the midst of our deep brokenness, lavishes us with his reliable and constant love.

So, this Christmas, lets be mindful of his unfailing love and live in reliance on his faithfulness, choosing to trust Him. (Psalm 26:3)

He is faithful forever, perfect in love. 

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Amy, a Worcestershire farmers daughter at heart, is in her second year at Durham University studying Music. She loves a good bit of opera, spending time with her friends and fam, and is completely obsessed with her dogs. 

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