24 | Reigning Forever

24 | Reigning Forever

He will reign forever and ever! Let the post today encourage you and remind you of our eternal joy in the faithfulness of our King!

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Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve felt out of control and in a complete fluster? If the answer is no, you are 100% fibbing, so I’ll assume you have. Even writing this blog, I can tell you that my mental ‘to-do’ list has grown substantially.

 How many times have you messily scribbled down all the jobs you need to do on the back of the service sheet at church? Or sat at your desk worrying that you haven’t brought your mum a nice enough Christmas presents and that you need to step up as a daughter.

I often feel the need to constantly do things in a bid to keep my life under control, and that if they’re not done then I’ll fail, I won’t meet the expectation I have for myself. I wonder if this is how you feel as well, especially around Christmas time when the pressure to be perfect, get everything done immaculately and have the best time ever is even more in our faces!

My prayer for you is that through the wonderful promise made in Exodus 15, God will calm our unrestful hearts and allow us to experience more deeply the joy that comes with knowing and trusting in his perfect sovereignty.

The Israelites were not unfamiliar with feeling out of control, in fact they had 400 years of it!! They faced plagues, doubt, misery, hunger. If this isn’t being out of control I don’t know what is. But, Exodus 15:18 reaffirms the fact that God really does and really is reigning forever. Even when they doubted, panicked and worried (have a read of Exodus, it happened a lot), God was in control and led them to their promised land.

In our 21st century lives it’s very easy to overlook this and have a different picture of God than the one we see acting and reigning so clearly here. However, this is not the case. This is a God, as Exodus 15:18 says, who reigns forever and ever and therefore this God has and will never change, he is as sovereign today on the 24th of December 2017 as he was then!

But realistically, it’s so hard to trust whole-heartedly that God is reigning forever. So, how are we to let this truth sink deep into us in order that we may be people who live in a way that radiates this?

1)    Ask

This is huge truth to understand, it’s so hard to get consumed into nitty gritty things in life that we so often don’t stop to reflect on the God who is reigning over it all. This God already knows what you will be doing tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that! So we need to stop and ask him to remind us that He is in control and we aren’t.

2)    Adore

Praise the Lord. This is something I just do not do enough. Right now, stop and thank the Lord that he, the creator Heaven and Earth is reigning over everything now and forever.

3)    Action

Why not come back to this verse every single day? This seven-word promise has life-changing implications. We are all sinful people who don’t let God control all aspects of our lives. So practically, coming back to this will help us comprehend the magnitude of this promise in our lives.

Christmas is so wonderful. Why? Because we are reminded once again of the saviour who came so that we could be in a relationship with this God who is perfectly sovereign.

Delight in this now and forever. 



I'm Sarah, a second year politics student at Exeter University (which is probably the best university in the world). I am loving getting to know Jesus more every day alongside playing netball and hanging out with my wonderful friends (which typically involves lots of food) 

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