7 | Seen and Known

7 | Seen and Known

We often find it difficult to carry on, constantly knocked down by the rejections that life throws our way. Scroll down and receive a thoughtful reminder on how can we be completely sure God does see what we face and cares deeply. 

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58 Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain. - 1 Corinthians 15:58

Isn’t the Bible so rich? In this verse alone, there are significant promises and challenges for us to take away. First of all, we see two pretty bold challenges: stand firm, and let nothing move you.

I love the image here of somebody who is firmly rooted: like the solid weightiness of an oak tree, or a mountain. But in reality, it’s often hard to stand so firm. Storms blow our way; doubts and distractions fill our minds; and life gets tough.

That’s why the second half of this verse holds such a powerful promise for us: it addresses the doubts we might have about the character of God.
Did God notice that I’m doing my best at home to help care for my Mum? 
Does God see my disappointment when my friends don’t take me up on that invitation to church?
Did God hear my prayer about my illness getting healed?
Does God know the pain of going through another Christmas without my Dad? 
Does God understand what it’s like to be the only Christian in my school?

Yes. Yes. Yes, yes and yes.

And yes to any other questions that run through your mind questioning the knowledge and power of God over your life and the details of your circumstances. 1 Corinthians 15:58 tells us that we are able to stand firm, right where we are, because God sees our labouring, and knows our situations.

The promise to absorb into your heart today?
You are seen and known by God.

Your hard work, your striving, your willingness to step out in faith for God in the hard and desert seasons of life: that has not gone unseen, and you are deeply known and deeply loved.

And not only that, but how encouraging to see those three little words at the end of this verse: not in vain.

So often it can feel like our greatest efforts are poured out with no results at all. Maybe it’s being kind to a family member who you find difficult. Maybe it’s waiting patiently for God to answer a desperate prayer. Maybe it’s been years and years of you pouring time and energy into certain friendships, which just don’t seem to be going anywhere.

If you’re working for the Lord in all those situations, and seeking His will: your work is not in vain. It won’t go to waste. It will be used by God, measured by Him, and outworked in better ways than you could imagine.

If our lives are devoted to the plans and purposes of the Almighty God, we can trust that He will use our efforts to glorify His name – even if that doesn’t look like how we’d imagined. Hold these promises close to you today, and for the days, months, weeks and years to come:

You are seen and known by God. 
Your work for Him is not in vain.

And as you absorb these promises into your heart, pray over the challenges posed to us in the first half of the verse; that you might be:

A girl who stands firm in the faith.
Moved by nothing.



Lucy founded More Precious in her first year at Durham University and has had the privilege of overseeing it ever since. She now lives in London with her husband James and is part of the church family at Holy Trinity Clapham. Lucy is super excited about journeying through this Christmas series! 

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