Why She Does It: Lucy

Why She Does It: Lucy

Welcome to the More Precious Summer Series 2017! We are so excited that summer is finally here, and even more excited to be sharing our brand new summer content with you! Each Saturday over the summer, we are going to be sharing an interview with an everyday girl - a girl just like you and me. We're going to be asking the girls to share a glimpse of what their lives look like at the moment, and why they're living life with God at the centre.

And to kick us off, we're chatting to wonderful Lucy, the founder of More Precious. Lucy is an incredibly inspirational and encouraging friend to so many of us, so we know you're going to love hearing from her today - enjoy! x

Fun Four

Book on my bedside table: Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant 

Favourite month: September! Fresh starts, new stationery, birthday celebrations, and Autumn sunshine!

Habit I wish I could stop: Checking the Daily Mail for photos of the Royals...

Quality I’d most like to have: Humility

Tell us what you are up to at the moment? What does a typical day/week look like for you?

I live and work in London with my husband James, and we go to church at Holy Trinity Clapham. A typical week for me normally involves some quality time with my trusty seven-year-old Macbook, checking in on the More Precious content lined up for that week and getting new projects rolling. Evenings get filled with work events, seeing friends, running by the river (on my better weeks only, I must confess), and date night! A big priority is of course putting aside time first thing to read the Bible and spend time with God (more on this further down).

The week normally ends with church, followed by Sunday Night Pasta with my lovely sibs-in-law Emma and Luke, which hits those end-of-weekend blues on the head! 

What’s the highlight of your week? Which parts of your everyday life do you love most?

1. Team Calls with the amazing MP girls! I’m not just saying that for this interview. I’m so energised by their vision, energy and gifts. It’s a massive privilege to do what we do.

2. When I miraculously align diaries with my two best friends from college, who are incredibly loyal, hardworking and massively fun to be with. I also love catching up with my all-star friend Katie Brown, whose wisdom always keeps me going in those trickier weeks! Thanks girl!

3. Wednesday nights when we have our church small group. It’s one of my big privileges to get to eat, study the Bible, celebrate milestones and pray with these friends week after week.

4. James and I try to walk around Battersea Park at least once a week. I absolutely love this time. The rhythm of the river and seeing the lights of Albert Bridge (so beautiful - Google it!) slows me down and gives me real perspective.

5. It doesn’t happen every week, but getting to see my family (and my new family-in-law) is a massive highlight for me. I absolutely love spending time with them all.

Why are you doing life in the way you are?

Our life is largely shaped around friends, families, our jobs, and church – underpinned by the belief that these are all opportunities God has given to us. And so, I am constantly asking for guidance about how I should invest into each of these spheres… How can I be a friend who is life-giving and trustworthy? How can I love my colleagues and support them? How can I lead More Precious faithfully and with total dependency? How can I encourage my siblings in their faith and their own spheres? How can I use my finances to grow the kingdom? How would God have me use my gifts and skills at work every day?

At the moment, our life has a particular focus on hosting people and sharing our home and meals, because I think this is something God has called us into for this season. Community can be difficult to build in London, and we are so passionate about welcoming people into our flat (little as it is!) and giving them a sense of God’s heart for community and relationship – and ultimately pointing them to our heavenly home.

All of it comes down to remembering what Jesus did for me when he died on the cross. The more I realise what an immense act of love that was, the more I am moved to love others and change the culture around me to reflect a little bit of the kingdom. It’s not always as simple as that, because I am still flawed and inconsistent (and we all get hungry, right!) but more than anything, I want my life to point to my hope in Jesus. 

What is the one big thing that you think God is teaching you at the moment? How is He challenging and encouraging you? 

Isaiah 27:2-6 is a passage I’ve been totally blown away by this week. It’s a beautiful picture of God as the gardener of our lives: watering us continually, guarding us and watching over us. Verse 6 talks about ‘taking root and blossoming’ so that the world will be filled with fruit. 

Through this, I think God is teaching me that only when I am fully rooted in His Word and take time to be in His presence – only then will I bear fruit and do His good works. It’s been a message I’m trying to press into every morning and throughout my day, rooting myself in His truths and promises. 

When life is busy, how do you make time and space to focus on God? How do you try to keep Him at the centre?

Similar to the above: I’m realising more and more the power of rooting myself in the Word of God, and battling in prayer every morning: asking God for protection over my mind, my relationships, my marriage, and everything that the day ahead holds.

When I’m really busy, and I feel like I have absolutely no time - this actually just becomes all the more vital, otherwise I burn out and forget the reason behind all I’m striving to do. Unfortunately, I am usually very sleepy and distracted in the mornings, so I literally have to clear the kitchen table and lay out my Bible and notebook the night before, to force myself into action first thing! 

Also, once a month I try to burrow myself away in a coffee shop for an hour or two with my Bible and notebook, writing down my prayers, hopes and dreams and giving them up to God. It focuses me on what really matters.

Looking back at the last year, what encourages you about how God’s been at work in your life?

About a year ago, James and I got married and had the song Ever Be at our wedding. One of the lines speaks to God’s character: ‘faithful You have been, and faithful You will be.’ Over this past year, more than anything, I have been absolutely blown away by how consistently faithful God is.

I see His faithfulness in the big things: the provision of a new job; the support and resources we’ve received for More Precious; a husband who champions me and encourages me to grow; and friends, family, colleagues, mentors and a church who have invested a huge amount in me. But His faithfulness is also there in the more ‘background’ things which can be easier to forget about (but for which I want to be continually thankful): food on the table; a roof over my head; the gift of health; a country where we can live in peace – the list goes on.

The Bible is really one big story about God’s faithfulness – it is pointed to throughout (i.e. Deuteronomy 7:91 Corinthians 1:9, Psalm 119:90) and though I get frustrated and disappointed by the challenges of life, and frustrated by my own heart (prone to wander), I am relentlessly grateful for a faithful God who is everything He promises.


Lucy founded More Precious in 2013 whilst studying at Durham University, and has had the humbling experience of overseeing its growth ever since. She is passionate about communicating what it means to be in relationship with God to girls and young women. 

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