Why She Does It: Katrina

Why She Does It: Katrina

It's time for our next 'Why She Does It' interview, and this week we're speaking to another member of the More Precious Core Team - Katrina! We love Katrina's energy, vision, zest for life and desire to love those around her. It's always a joy to be around her and she never fails to make us laugh. We just know you're going to love hearing her thoughts and what God's been doing in her life recently! MP Team x

Fun Four

Song I listen to on repeatCastle on a Hill - Ed Sheeran

Favourite Psalm: Psalm 1, a great reminder of what it looks like to stand firm with God each day

Favourite month: May

Item that’s always in my fridge: Cheese (can’t get enough of it!)

Tell us what you are up to at the moment? What does a typical day/week look like for you?

I’m just about to graduate from Durham University with a degree in sports science. At the start of July, I’m moving to London to start a year as an intern for a student sports organization. Although I’m about to graduate, I’ve really loved the flexibility of being a student. A typical week for me is usually a 6 or 7-hour day in either lectures or a library. I leave Wednesday afternoons free for sports training and usually have a match at the weekend too. All that is interspersed with coffee dates, events, bar shifts, cooking, church stuff, working for More Precious and watching Netflix. I’m a creature of habit, so routine is key for me and most of my days look generally the same! 

What’s the highlight of your week? Which parts of your everyday life do you love most?

I love coming home at the end of the day and feeling like I’ve achieved something or ticked a lot off my list. Unless I’m working to a tough deadline I rarely work in the evenings, so the process of coming home and shutting the front door to the working day is bliss for me! I also love being active, playing sport, being outdoors and getting competitive. Often the highlight of my week is virtual ‘date night’. Being in a long-distance relationship is hard but setting aside some intentional Skype time one night each week to chat and pray together has been great for us. 

Why are you doing life in the way you are?

I am daily astounded by how much God has given me materially, physically and spiritually and that recognition and attitude of thankfulness really motivates me to live in a way that honors Him. Jesus shouldn’t be a tag-on to our life where we do things for us and try and bring him in later. I’m slowly learning that when we orientate our hearts the right way to start with, we can really get the best out of every opportunity by walking alongside Jesus, not running ahead. 

What is the one big thing that you think God is teaching you at the moment? How is He challenging and encouraging you?

Recently, God has really been teaching me to be patient. Sometimes it’s holding my tongue when someone says or does something that gets under my skin or putting the bin out even when it’s not my turn. Other times it’s answering a friend’s questions about Jesus and patiently trusting him to reveal himself, even if it feels like you’ve been having the same conversation with that person for years. Patience is under-rated! 

When life is busy, how do you make time and space to focus on God? How do you try to keep Him at the centre?

I’ll hold my hands up and say I’m really not very good at this. Unfortunately, time with God often tends to slip close to the bottom of my priorities if I’m busy. I like to feel proactive so sitting and reading my bible sometimes lacks appeal. I’m trying to tackle this in two ways:

  • Firstly, take God with me on my busy day! Whether it’s praying quickly whenever I go to the toilet, listening to worship music or having one bible verse to read and think about when I’m on my way to the next place, those tiny moments add up and keep me focused on God throughout the day. 
  • Secondly, find a way to make it interactive. In the past, I’ve doodled typography bible verses to go with my reading or made a point of reading the same passage as a friend and talking about it. Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re not engaging that well, but find a way that you can do it better. 

Looking back at the last year, what encourages you about how God’s been at work in your life?

God has been the biggest constant this year. Through job applications and interviews, writing a dissertation, having a boyfriend half way across the world, exams, friendships, family and everything else, God has proved himself to be the common denominator. As I prepare to graduate (scarily soon) and uproot my life here in Durham and at home in Cambridge to live and work in London, my excitement far outweighs my fear because I know that He’s still got me. Although everything is about to change in my life, I know that God won’t and that fact is unbelievably reassuring and encouraging to know.



Katrina is our Partnerships Manager, working to establish and maintain mutually supportive relationships with other organisations and churches on behalf of More Precious. Katrina loves More Precious because the content opens doors to necessary and real conversations about the joys and struggles of faith. She is passionate about watching girls grow with the assurance they are valuable and crazily loved daughters of God.

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