6. Get Serious About Protecting Your Mind

6. Get Serious About Protecting Your Mind

Continuing on in Ephesians 6, we're focussing on the importance of our minds. By protecting our minds and placing on the helmet of salvation we can stand firm as an ARMOURED generation in the name of Jesus!


17 Take the helmet of salvation.
(Ephesians 6:17)

My siblings and I all share the unfortunate trait of bigger-than-average heads… to the point that on school trips or activities, we’d often be the only ones given a different coloured helmet to the rest of our class. Mortifying!! 

However, this picture of standing out (in the worst way!) isn’t too far away from thinking about how we should live as Christians – in the best way! Our Ephesians 6 journey lands today on the helmet of salvation. Last week we thought about protecting our hearts – this week, we’re thinking about our heads. 

If you think through times that have been really difficult and have tested your faith, there’s no doubt that the struggles will have involved your mind. Our minds are the greatest battlefields, and one of the areas that will often come under attack if we are stepping out for Jesus on a daily basis.

So what is our ‘helmet’ made out of?

In Roman times, soldiers wore helmets that covered all parts of their heads – from the front to the back, right down their necks. The parts of the helmet were made of leather, bronze, metal, iron, gold and silver – basically they were incredibly well-designed to protect the head from all angles of attack.

While we won’t be wearing actual helmets (and I probably won’t find one that fits…!) this is a good lesson for us as we think about the ways we can protect our minds. A few areas we can think through:

  • Are we filling our minds with the best-made materials? Reading our Bibles, spending time in prayer, meditating on truths, filling our thoughts with what is ‘good, true, honest, pure’.

  • To think about the opposite: is there anything that fills our minds on a regular basis that we should strip out of our lives? Certain Instagram accounts? Friendships or relationships that are making it hard for us to live in step with Jesus?

  • Are we protecting ourselves from all angles? Even when we’re on holidays? Or at the weekends? Or with our friends?

  • Do we have good support networks around us who can pray for us and keep our minds clear of the things that will distract us from being laser-focused on God’s purposes for our lives? This could look like asking friends to pray together regularly, or asking your youth leader or mentor to pray for you specifically.

  • We can also be good support networks to the people in our lives: maybe it’s paying more attention to the way we talk to our siblings, or being brave enough to go deeper in conversation with others in our Youth Group or small groups.

Unlike when we’re physically sick or hurt, it can be trickier to identify when our minds are under attack; but it’s so important that we practice being self-aware here, as our minds are the greatest battlefield – and the Bible tells us how important it is to keep them safe and guarded. 

If we start doing this now, think what a good discipline we’ll be setting ourselves up for the rest of our lives! It’s an exciting thought, to think of this armoured generation rising up in our schools, universities and workplaces – not shaken by the lies of the world or attacks that will come our way – but standing firm in the name of Jesus.

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