Practices of Peace: Peace with God

Practices of Peace: Peace with God

Our second post of our Christmas Series ‘The Practices of Peace’ written by Anna, reminds us of Jesus' constant presence of peace that is on offer to us through the Holy Spirit. 

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Seasons are interesting times; the reliable constant of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter each taking their turn. I seldom use the word 'season' to describe a stage in life because I find it hard to relate the consistency of seasons coming and going, with a period of time that feels like it's never going to end. The truth, of course, is that phases in our lives do change and are exactly that; seasons. We move from one season to another, enduring and persisting what can sometimes feel like a season that is lasting forever, and we find solace in the patience, or we persist and fight and battle it out until we have won and are ready for what's next. 

I have recently been through a season of transition, and as transition has it, it can be a time of uncertainty, of disruption or discomfort, but more than ever I decided to lean into Holy Spirit and listen to what He says about the season. I developed intimacy with Him, because although everything around me was inconsistent, He was ever-present; ready and waiting for me to give Him permission to love on me – trusting that when He said He takes us from glory to glory, He meant it, and He never leaves us disappointed. 


His name is Elohim; Mighty One. It's Emmanuel; God with us. And His name is Shalom; Peace. 


It's particularly easy to become reflective towards the end of the year, as we look back at the 12 months behind us. One thing that I have found Shalom in, the one thing that I have found myself encountering the Prince of Peace in, is His nearness – His personification of Emmanuel. He is so very with us. It's His nearness, His closeness, His presence that I have leaned in and heard His heart beating for me. Romans 8:6 says this: 


For to set  the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” 


He is our peace. 


Just take a deep breath and let that reach every part of your mind, body and spirit. 


Lovely one, He is your Peace. 


It's in Him that our peace is found, because He is the embodiment of it. The Bible says that when we gave our lives to Christ we became new creations, meaning we 'died' to our old self and we have new life in Jesus because He gives us life – everlasting life. So when the scripture in Romans says that setting the mind on the flesh is death, it's saying 'you've died to the old ways of living, of being, of thinking', and the new way of thinking – which is through the mind of Christ – actually brings us life and peace because it's looking to Holy Spirit and what He says.  

He is our great comforter – our safety and our protection. When I lived in America, I learned that what we call a duvet, they call a comforter. Picture that for a moment; your ultimate place of rest is when you are asleep, covered by a comforter. Holy Spirit is the comforter, He is your comforter wrapped around you bringing you peace so you can rest easy. Look to Him, set your mind on Him and you will surely find life and peace. 

The dictionary definition of peace is this: 
Freedom from disturbance; tranquillity, or a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended. 

Whatever season you find yourself in, if it's a season that feels like it's relentless; never ending and uncontrollable, may you find yourself free in the Prince of Peace. Because, darling ones, the truth is that the war really is over - the battle has been won! All you have to do is lean into Holy Spirit, the comforter, and feel the wildness of His relentless peace surrounding you, comforting you and covering you as you rest and dwell and breathe. As United Pursuit put it, 'though the seasons change, your love remains'. He is consistent, He is Hope, and He is Peace, and we are now seated with Him in Heavenly places defined by His Peace, because we are no longer defined by our circumstances or seasons, but by His love, His comfort, His Peace.

It's when you wholly believe the battle has been won, that is when you realise you no longer need to strive to fight, because He has fought on our behalf and all He asks us to do is find rest in His Peace. Girl, what ever season you're in, lean back in the loving arms of the One who won it all for you; taking you from glory to glory, because He is glorious and will glorify Himself through your season, because He uses all things for His good, it is literally impossible for Him to waste anything.

So, darling one, take heart – you have a Prince and His name is Emmanuel; God with us, peace for every season you ever go through, comforting you with His presence and love. Amen. 

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This post is written by: Anna.

Anna has recently moved to work at a vibrant church in London, after studying at BSSM in California. Intimacy with Jesus is at Anna's core, and she is passionate to see womens ministry radically empowered and impacted globally. She wants to see every woman that she comes into contact with, to be more in love with Jesus and knowing how powerful, beautiful and set-apart they are; with redemption and daughterhood as their identity. With an all or nothing personality, Anna will be found either having a heart to heart conversation with somebody or she will be having fun somewhere and probably putting it on her 1000th Insta story of the day.

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