Introducing Just Where She Is

Introducing Just Where She Is

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Welcome to the newest pillar of More Precious: Just Where She Is; a stream exploring how we can pursue God’s heart for justice whatever stage of life we’re in – whether we are revising for GCSEs in our bedrooms, buying coffees on the way to lectures, or thinking about how to use our monthly pay cheques.
   We're kicking off by thinking about freedom with the International Justice Mission: the world’s largest anti-slavery organisation, who are changing lives and bringing freedom all across the world. And isn’t Lent the perfect time to begin such an adventure?!
This might be the first time you’ve thought about what ‘justice’ looks like – or maybe you’ve always felt a bit overwhelmed about whether little-old-you can really make a difference. Wherever you’re coming from, you are firmly and joyfully invited to join us as we Give It Up For Freedom this Lent!
We’ve got more from Esther Swaffield below, our dear friend, absolute champ and partner of More Precious, who’ll be gracing our inboxes every Monday across Lent with:

1. An article on the Bible’s biggest justice-chasers
2. A practical challenge on how we can give it up for freedom!
Enjoy! MP Team x

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What does the word ‘freedom’ mean to you?

Freedom to choose?
Freedom to explore?
Freedom to ‘just be’?
What picture does the word ‘freedom’ conjure in your mind?
Close your eyes for a moment.
Imagine it.
The wind? The waves? The sun on your face?

Really imagine it…


The first time God speaks directly to humanity in Genesis 2:16, as the curtain rises on the stage of creation, He begins with those three beautiful words: “You are free…”
And yet, today as we look around the world, there are more people than ever who need freedom. More than 40 million people are trapped in slavery around the world (more than any other point in history): trapped in brothels and brick-kilns, on fishing boats and in factories: tricked, trafficked and traded. For millions of children and families around the world, freedom seems very far away.
This Lent, More Precious is partnering with International Justice Mission, the world’s largest anti-slavery organisation, to explore what it means to be both physically and spiritually free.
Typically, at Lent, we fast things that we can do without, and whilst giving up sugar or social media often can be an exercise in self-discipline and self-restraint (which are definitely valuable!), this year, we challenge you to do things a little differently…

How can I ‘Give It Up For Freedom’?

We invite you to join us in three simple steps to help bring freedom this Lent:

  1. Give up one of the products that we tend to take for granted, but that often have slavery in their supply chains: coffee, chocolate or makeup.

  2. Donate what you save (or get sponsored to do it) to the fight to end slavery.

  3. Take a simple action against slavery each week: from finding an ethical supplier, to writing to companies about slavery in their supply chains. I'll be sending out these challenges each week in the More Precious Monday morning posts, as we consider the call in Isaiah 58 to ‘true fasting’:

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
to loose the chains of injustice
    and untie the cords of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free…”
Isaiah 58:6

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Esther studied at Durham University, before spending some time in teaching, and most recently working for the International Justice Mission. She is married to Tom and lives in the North East. We'll be interviewing Esther next weekend, so stay tuned to find out more...! 

Just Where She Is: Esther Swaffield

Just Where She Is: Esther Swaffield

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Armed; Aimed