Just Where She Is: Georgina and Annabel

Just Where She Is: Georgina and Annabel

Incorporating their creative industries, Georgia and Annabel share a passion to run a business with a difference: their desire is "to offer people beautiful, elegant jewellery that gives back to people and the planet."

"Little by little...one travels far." J.R.R Tolkien


Fun Five

£10 treat: Coffee and a copy of Vogue 

Staple accessory: A pair of Converse 

Song to play on repeat: You are the one thing. Bright City. 

Book on your bedside table: The Essex Serpent, Sarah Perry 

Most underrated virtue: Loyalty

1.    Tell us the story of Little By Little: from where you met, to how you set up the business.

We began LbL two years ago because we wanted to bring together our creative industries – Georgina Fuggle, a food stylist and cookery book author and Annabel Cox, an ethical jewellery designer.

We’ve always had a shared passion: to look beyond the comfortable bubble of our own worlds and to those around us with huge practical needs. 

Georgina was living in Brighton and we remember sitting together, drinking coffee. There seemed to be too many homeless people without shelter or food and we chatted about this. That conversation led us to commit ourselves to running a business with a difference, and raise awareness and funds to help fight the battle against malnutrition.

2.    What is Little By Little and what are your core values? Why is the brand called Little By Little? 

I think at our core lies the desire to offer people beautiful, elegant jewellery that gives back to people and the planet. 

The naming of little by Little came about because at its crux we were a small unit who had big aspirations and this quote struck us and informed us as we dreamed of our business:

“Little by little… one travels far.” J.R.R Tolkien

3.    Why was it important for you both to set up an ethical company? 

I think the principal of being ethical lies in relationship. 

When you refer to ethical jewellery, it is about having a transparent, fair and enabling chain of custody. Actually knowing the people who make and create your jewellery and wanting them to benefit from the process. We would love creative communities to be enabled: from the person who mined the material to those that make it - they all matter. 

I think in the UK we often forget about the people, the environment, the places where are things are made and the impact they can have. 

4.    How does God’s heart for justice impact the decisions you make in business and the values you strive to uphold? 

We have been prepared to take a slower, more informed route than act quickly and disposably to situations. We’ve tried to focus on individual people and our cause rather than profit. 

5.    Tell us about your partnership with Action Against Hunger.

Our main aim in establishing Little by Little in 2015 was to make a difference in a sustainable manner. That is why we partnered with Action Against Hunger, a charity that works in nearly 50 countries worldwide to carry out innovative, lifesaving programmes in nutrition, food security, water, sanitation, and hygiene. AAH ties together the food element of our business, linking ingredients, to design, to jewellery, to funding. 

6.    How has your faith kept you going through the inevitable ups and downs of running a business?

It is incredible to be a partnership based on faith and friendship. As with any business, there are the inevitable times of ups and downs, but being able to pray together has been amazing. To take our challenges and triumphs to God has been humbling and empowering.  

7.    As Christians, we should all be striving to ‘act justly’ wherever we are at. What advice would you give to our More Precious readers who seek to do this? 

I wouldn’t want to speak for everyone, but I know for myself I do think that I should be doing my very best to be responsible wherever I can. I also love the challenge of being able to honour God through the way I consume, as another way of worship. 

As we believe in a God who loves justice, I believe we can bring justice through the ways we consume. 

In Galatians 5:13 -14 it talks about serving one another humbly in love:

14 For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbour as yourself.” 

Loving our neighbours is knowing our neighbours, it's choosing to use our money in a way that can enable others. I know that it is not easy but where we can I think it is good to challenge ourselves to be Christ-like in the way in which we consume. 

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