God Colours: Naomi's Story

God Colours: Naomi's Story

We are thrilled to introduce our first inspiring interviewee, Naomi, for our brand-new series ‘God-Colours’. Naomi discusses what faith lived out looks like in her job, where she works in finance within the retail sector.  


It has been such a blessing to hear from Naomi about what faith lived out looks like.

I am particularly inspired with Naomi’s honesty about gossip – she speaks of how to be distinctive in situations when it can be hard not to get involved with gossip. She challenges us to be culture-changers, bring out the positives and explain why people might be acting a certain way which is a huge way we can be a light in the environments around us. I wonder if we could take the challenge of speaking into situations where gossip is going on with grace and a Christ-like compassion, even if it goes against what others expect.

How are you a culture-changer?”

How can you stay you but also be a part of the culture at work?”

She also speaks to the passions that God places on our hearts and it is so inspiring to hear that she has been able to follow her passion in fashion to glorify God.

“You might be the only Christian that someone knows – what an awesome challenge but also an awesome responsibility”

“God needs us to go there because we all deserve to hear the Good News”

I love that Naomi also reminds us that thankfulness is such an important part of our prayer life – an opportunity to thank God for all He has done for us and to trust in His faithfulness by thanking Him for all He has brought us through.

Prayer doesn’t have to look like the traditional eyes closed, hands together, it’s actually a conversation”

“Faith lived out for me means living authentically



Naomi grew up on the sunny south coast. Having graduated from university of East Anglia. She has been living and working in London for the past 6 years in Finance within in the retail sector. When she’s not dancing to Beyoncé or belting out musical numbers in her bedroom. She loves encouraging others to be the fearless men and women of God they were created to be.


I truly believe that their honesty and practical advice will inspire and empower our More Precious community so I urge you to share the videos and pray into how you can be a light in this world, shining your God-colours for all to see. Look out for them dropping in your inbox or social media feeds over the weeks to come!

Whether we are encouraged to open up our house more to others, model generosity or even just feel more empowered to share with colleagues that we went to church at the weekend, I hope this series casts a light on the beautiful variety of ways we can share our faith and live it out. Emma x

Emma Scrivener, Series Lead

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