God Colours: Siri's Story

God Colours: Siri's Story

We are delighted to introduce our second inspiring interviewee, Siri, for our series ‘God-Colours’.

Siri shares with us her experience of living in different places around the world, the hospitality modelled by her parents, the challenges and privileges of living out her faith as a teacher and what navigating through life with God looks like for her. We totally admire her honesty of the highs and lows of journeying with God and pray her example of living out faith inspires others!

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It has been so refreshing to hear from Siri about what faith lived out looks like for her. In her role as a teacher, it strikes me that the little ways she can encourage her students in the classroom and colleagues in the staff room will be having a far deeper impact than she could imagine. It is a really important reminder from Siri that at the heart of living distinctively is Jesus.

“It goes back to the person of Jesus.. and striving to be like Him”

It is also inspiring to hear her reminder that God calls us to be a blessing. 

“Bless—that’s your job, to bless” 1 Peter 3:9

As Siri points out “Sometimes it’s to our detriment but actually it’s a simple command – just do things that bless other people!” 

This can be a real challenge when we think about hospitality and generosity as it can be tiring and sometimes, let’s be honest, we won’t necessarily see a return. But isn’t that the whole point? We instead do it to bring glory to God and to pour out love onto HIs people, so whether we see a return or not does not matter. Siri speaks to the heart of the matter by reminding us that everything we have is a gift from God – our money, our homes and that the hospitality modelled by her parents in their travels has been to have an open home and hold lightly to what we have as this ultimately is God’s.

The call to be distinctive on the Sabbath is another challenge which I take away from listening to Siri. Particularly amidst exams, it can be so tempting to sacrifice time which should be spent with God to study a bit harder or perfect that essay but Siri demonstrates that if we take the Sabbath as community and hold each other to account, it can be a life-giving way to honour God and gain perspective. 

“You are saying to God, ‘I give up the control I have over my work, my results, how well this essay is going to go. You’re in charge of this.. you have to be in charge of this because I can’t control everything in my life’”

“A really easy way to be distinctive is just to be yourself and if you are being yourself then you’re being who God made you to be” 

“Living out faith shouldn’t need to be different on a Monday from a Sunday”

“I wouldn’t call myself a missionary but I think that every single day, going into work, that’s my mission field and the place where I’m sharing my faith and light”

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Having grown up moving all over the world, Siri has been based in the North East for the past five years. She currently works as a French teacher, trying to instil a love and value of language and culture in her students. Living in community and doing life well with God and others is a key feature of Siri’s life. So is trying to perfect her simultaneous porridge making and shower taking. 

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