God's Colours: Flo's Story

God's Colours: Flo's Story

We are delighted to introduce our third inspiring interviewee, Flo, who speaks of how she lives out her faith at school and beyond. We pray Flo’s desire to see her friends come to know Jesus and her approach to living distinctively builds you up and encourages you today.


“I would probably just say Jesus defines my faith”

Having grown up in a Christian family, with three older sisters, Flo encourages us to ensure that our relationship with Jesus is personal and that we take ownership of our faith rather than living it out through others.

Flo has been hugely encouraged and inspired by witnessing the faithfulness of God working in her sisters’ lives, and now it seems that, from hearing about the work she now does with children in her church group, she is now quite possibly for many of them, the person they look up to. I wonder who you might be inspiring? Who looks up to you? I pray that we would be distinctive so that our friends and family, whether believers or not, might be inspired and encouraged by the way we actively live out our faith.

Flo also reminds us that, though we might be challenged by people:

“God is so big, He doesn’t need you to defend Him”

“Having Jesus in my life means that although I am still stressed about my exams at school, I can just take a deep breath and know that there’s a plan for me and I will be okay”

Flo highlights her favourite Bible verse (1 Peter 5:7)

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you”

It has acted as a reminder for her during revision for exams that God has a plan for us and is right there by our side through the difficult times.

Flo reminds us that we have a God who is in control and uses all circumstances and situations even when we cannot imagine how He could. We have the responsibility to live for Him and be distinctive but we cannot place the whole burden on ourselves; God can and will use other people in someone’s journey.

“Faith lived out means applying what you have learn on a Sunday to the rest of your week”

“Being a light for Jesus looks likes not being afraid to BE like Jesus as He was distinctive“



Flo is a 17 year old currently in Year 12 and lives in north London studying Psychology, Biology and History. She loves her church youth group, school Christian Union, theatre group and Parkrun (although parkrun is more endured than loved!) She is often found chatting or drinking hot chocolate which she is an expert at making.

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