God Colours: Frankie's Story

God Colours: Frankie's Story

We are delighted to introduce our fourth inspiring interviewee, Frankie, for our series ‘God-Colours’. Frankie has recently finished University and speaks of her experiences of living out her faith as a student. Her zest for life and utter passion to for friendship is such an example of faith lived out. 

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It has been so empowering to hear from Frankie about how she has lived out her faith at University and I have no doubt when she enters into the world of work, her faith will continue to shine. 

“I think my faith is defined by choosing to follow Jesus no matter what”

Frankie really captures the difficult yet simple call for us to follow Jesus “no matter what”. This is a real challenge and at times we can be tempted to listen to the world but when we choose to follow Jesus, we are trusting in His ways. We don’t have to guess what it looks like to live a life for Christ because we have His life as a perfect example.  

“When you’re making a decision, it’s about always consulting Jesus first”

We learn from Frankie that following Jesus no matter what looks like being in daily conversation and relationship with Him. I love the idea that when we make a decision, we should instinctively consult Jesus first. It reminds me in some ways of when I was younger and I would want to invite a friend round to my house after school. I would plot with my friend how we would orchestrate the conversation after school to convince my mum they could come over. However my mum would always have the final say so consulting her was the most important part of that decision! In a similar way, when we make a decision, the opinion which matters the most is God’s. This reminder to communicate with Jesus first is invaluable for discerning how we act and what choices we make and when we are doing it daily, in the small things, it prepares us for when we are making bigger decisions. It sets a precedent for intimacy and reliance on Him in all we do.

“I think for me a key part of my faith is fellowship”

Something else which strikes me about the way Frankie lives out her faith is the significant role fellowship plays in her life. She highlights that a key part of sustaining our faith is to have fellowship with other Christians. This might look different for different people but it could look like having a group of friends or family members who will pray for you, give you advice or hold you accountable. It is these relationships, which are often formed at church or Christian Union, which can help develop and encourage us in our walks of faith.


 “Take a break from studying and go and take a prayer walk”

University is often incredibly busy, especially during exams. Frankie explains that for her, taking a break from studying and going on a prayer walk along the canal was a restful way to deepen her faith and fix her eyes on Jesus in the midst of busyness. She describes praying over the people she walks past without knowing their situations. I think this is really powerful as it shows that the compassion and love God has for His people can be extended through us if we seek to see people as God sees them. We also hear that a way to be a light to friends, even if they don’t know we are doing it, is to have open ears. This looks like loving your friends exactly as they are and regardless of their situations. God can do miraculous things when we commit to listening and praying for our friends- it’s the most loving and powerful thing we can offer them.


“Be authentic about the way you act”

“Choosing to live out your life in the way that Jesus would want you to”

 “Faith lived out means being who Jesus wants you to be”

“When I think of Jesus, I just think of joy”

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Frankie is 21 years young and has just finished University. Originally from Tamworth (just outside of Birmingham), she went to University in Chester and will be staying in the North West for the foreseeable future. She loves to dance, spend time with friends, go on long walks and eat pizza.

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