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We are Found: Manchester

This is our final post for the amazing We are Found series! We hope you've enjoyed getting to know the amazing girls on our city representatives team! Do get in touch if you'd like to find out about becoming a rep yourself. But for now, grab a cuppa and enjoy hearing about how God has worked wonders in Alice's life! xx

We are Found: London

What could be better than starting your day learning about God's love and the wonderful ways it has worked in the life of a fellow daughter of Christ? Let Florrie's passion for Christ and strong sense of identity in Him be an encouragement to you today. Abby xx

We are Found: Southampton

I love this post. It is so refreshingly honest and humble. Amy has been kind enough to share with us her beautiful testimony of wrestling with God and His promises. I pray that our minds will be renewed with Amy's as we see the power our God has to shine light into the dark. A xx

We are Found: York

This post is the first in an amazing series written by those who work behind the scenes of More Precious, all across the country. We are Found is a collection of testimonies by these girls, looking at the ways God finds us in our messy lives, so that you can find Him wherever you are.