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Below are just some of the many amazing books that are available to help you learn more about the Christian faith, delve deeper into your own personal relationship with Christ, equip yourself in advocating the gospel to those around us, or share in the stories of other inspiring Christians.

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Compared to her - sophie de witt

This is a fantastic book which I would recommend to any girls pursuing a relationship with Jesus!
It deals with the social pressures that especially young women (but also guys) are expected to conform to, and how this leads us to constantly compare ourselves to everyone around us. We can easily feel inadequate when we compare ourselves to people who are more beautiful, more popular, more clever than we are… But this book re-centres our focus on Jesus and living to be like him rather than the people around us.
This book is a huge encouragement to me as it reminds me of the worth I have as God’s precious daughter and that I don’t need to compare myself to anyone else because I have been made unique in His image.

Becca - St Andrews the Great, Cambridge


Rooted in god’s grace - Hannah fytche

‘Hannah’s vulnerable honesty in ‘Rooted in God’s Grace’ is not only inspiring and encouraging but practical too. She boldly asks the questions we’ve all been asking and goes on to journey with us and answer them in such a down-to-earth way. Through the everyday stories and practical examples she gives, we are always pointed back to Jesus and rooted in the truth of God’s word. This book really did give me the rhythms and confidence to root myself in God’s grace.’

Holly - Christ Church Fulwood, Sheffield


the freedom of self-forgetfulness - Tim keller

This is a book that hits the core of what it means for us to live from a place of true humility. Don’t be put off by the title – it’s not asking us to ignore who God created us to be! Rather, Timothy Keller explores where we fit in relation to each other and God. Are we worth more than those around us, worthless, or simply worthwhile?
For such a short book it packs a mighty punch. I’ve found it challenging and insightful, always giving me cause to reflect on my own life and perspective. I’d recommend going through it slowly, allowing the words to sink in, at each point asking, “How much of this do I see in my own heart?” At times that can be painful, as we see where pride and arrogance have made their home, or challenging, as Keller pits the truth of the gospel against the stance of society.

Yet it is also full of grace, as the beautiful reality of a heart held by God hits home.
It’s hard to write about this book without simply repeating its words. So I’ll leave you with just that – a repetition of the opening paragraph: “What are the marks of a heart that has been radically changed by the grace of God? If we trust in Christ, what should our hearts be like? It’s not simply a matter of morally virtuous behaviour. It is quite possible to do all sorts of morally virtuous things when our hearts are filled with fear, with pride, or with a desire for power. We are taking about hearts that have been changed, at the root, by the grace of God – and what that looks like in real life.”

Amy - Christ Church Cambridge


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