Here is the place for you to explore your personal faith. How will you have an honest, personal relationship with Christ? What will it look like for you to delve into Scripture and learn more about your Creator and King?

Some of us like to follow study guides with questions and exercises, others prefer to read the meditations and reflections of trusted Christian authors on particular topics or passages. Others of us listen to music and reflect on God’s mercies, while still others prefer to read the Bible independently with thought and consideration.

And what about when we speak to God? How do we communicate with the Ruler of the heavens? What exactly is prayer? And what about the days I don’t feel like praying? Some days I don’t think about God at all. Sometimes weeks pass when I haven’t opened a Bible. What do I do in those seasons? Am I still a Christian?

Below are some reflections on these tough and extremely practical questions.


spending time with god on your own

‘Quiet time is not an excuse for the lazy but a wise investment for the diligent. It is for those who are committed to being active servants and followers of Jesus Christ instead of slaves to the tyranny of urgent busyness and activity’. – Priscilla Shirer

If you knew me well, you’d know I cannot start a day right without my quiet time. Or I can, but the day I subsequently have barely feels like a good day at all! On days without my quiet time I am a completely different person: I am more tense, less secure, more self-centred, and less expectant. I come to this resolution regularly, when I get out of my bed and think I can get a head start on my plans and to-do list, leaving God out of them. …
Actively spending time in God’s word transforms and renews us (Romans 12: 2). It’s for this reason that I don’t just need my quiet time, I crave it.

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Check out the books below for some life changing reflections on the importance of prayer:

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Here you will find a number of articles, looking at some core bible truths. What/who is the Holy Spirit? How does the Trinity work? How do you become and stay a Christian? We will continue to add to this, and would love your recommendations for future articles.


Here is the place for you to explore your personal faith. How will you have an honest, personal relationship with Christ? Many many More Precious girls and women have shared how they spend time with God in bible study and prayer…what will it look like for you?


God made us to be people of community. You are not alone in your walk as a Christian, and this place is for you to find those who walk beside you. How do you choose a church? How should I serve in church? Should I be a missionary? Let’s think together.